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How to Disable DT Ignite App from Your Phone

Bloatware apps are apps that you do not need on your phone and has no use nor meaning for you. These apps take a lot of space and drains your battery faster. One of the most common bloatware app that you will usually find on most smartphones such as HTC and Samsung is DT Ignite App. This app is something you would like to get rid of and to do so, you came to the right place, as this article will be your ultimate guide to disable DT Ignite App.

How Did You Get DT Ignite App on Your Phone?

“I didn’t download DT Ignite App on my phone, how come my phone has it?” is the normal question of most smartphone users ask. Unfortunately, this app is not something that a user downloads. In fact, this app might have been in your phone as soon as you have purchased your mobile smartphone. This app usually is added in your system as pre-installed or is automatically installed upon updates. A bit frustrating, however, it is something that could be solved.

How to Get Rid of the App?

Recently, Google has created some cleanup actions for the removal of hundreds and thousands of apps from play store. These unwanted apps usually collect user information and produce virus or malware. Thus, it is crucial, necessary and important for you to be able to learn about DT Ignite app and what it does.

DT Ignite is usually used by phone carriers such as Verizon and the like to advertise their product in different ways such as pop-up notifications, emails, messages, regular promotions, etc. We know these could be very annoying and if you want to avoid this nuisance, you will need to disable the application.

Unfortunately, DT Ignite is part of firmware update, this means, smart mobile users will not unable to uninstall the application permanently, but, it could be disabled. After disabling the app, rest assured, the app will no longer work, drain your battery and eat space on your phone.

Leading Telecommunication Brands Support DT Ignite App

Leading brands such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, America Movi, Vodaphone, US Cellular, Rogers and Deutsche Telekom sell phones with DT Ignite app. It is said that these mobile phone carriers need to incorporate this app as it is needed to install necessary apps, but, other than that, it does not have any use. However, there are many fora and reviews that say a lot of disadvantages and negative comments.

How to Disable DT Ignite App on Android Phones?

If you wish to disable this app, all you have to do are the following:

  1. Go to Settings menu of your phone.
  2. Tap on the Gear icon
  3. Desplácese hacia abajo
  4. Tap on the “apps” icon
  5. Open Apps Manager- this is where you will find the list of applications.
  6. Tap on the three dots found on top right of the screen.
  7. Select or tap “Show system apps”
  8. Look through the list. Once you’ve located “DT Ignite App”, click or tap on it.
  9. Look for the Disable button on the left side and tap on it
  10. Confirm the action.

Once you have gone through the steps above, you can be assured that you have one less bloatware on your phone and if you want to enhance the performance of your phone, we suggest you disable other bloatware.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9, for example, this device contains more or less about a hundred bloatware apps and once you have disabled them, you will free about 1.5GB of your internal storage.


This concludes our guide and tutorial on how to disable DT Ignite app from Android smartphones. It is clear that this app is not helpful and useful to be included in your list of apps and we hope we were able to assist you to get rid of the said bloatware.

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