Google to unveil Nexus 9 on October 15th

We have been hearing rumors about the next Nexus tablet and no one was sure whether Google is going to launch one but according to some internal sources Google is getting ready to launch their next Nexus tablet under the name Google Nexus 9. According to the source Google will be unveiling their Google Nexus 9 tablet on 15th of October while the launch date will be set on 3rd of November with a retail price of $399.

One thing is for sure though that the next Nexus tablet will come with a high resolution display maybe a 2k resolution display as the tablet will also be equipped with an Nvidia Tegra K1 chip which can handle a high resolution display like that without a hustle, though we are not sure about whether the tablet will come with a quad core 32-bit version of Nvidia Tegra K1 or a dual core 64-bit version of Nvidia Tegra K1. It would be better if the tablet came with the 64-bit version as Android L is just around the corner which supports 64-bit architecture while Nvidia also said that “for hard-core Android fans, take note that we’re already developing the next version of Android – “L” – on the 64-bit Tegra K1.”

Nvidia’s tegra K1 is not only known for its processing power but it’s also known for its GPU which is a 192-shader Kepler GPU which puts it at the top when it comes to benchmark scores but all that will be needed to run the high resolution display on the Nexus 9 which is expected to be 9 inches with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels.

The tablet sure has some awesome specs which also comes with an affordable price like all the other Nexus devices which is what makes people buy it every year.

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