Portable Washer Comparison – Haier HLP21N, Best Choice Products and Giantex

With the advancement, development, and improvement of washing machines, hand-washing clothes are gone with the past and so are bulky and space consuming washing machines and with cities becoming congested and homes becoming more space-challenging, compact sized, portable washers come in handy.

Three great portable washers are Haier HLP21N, Best Choice Products and Giantex portable washing machines. If you need a space saver washer, Haier is your best bet and if you need to wash more clothes per load, Best Choice Products and Giantex Portable Washing Machines will do the task for you.

Each of these brand models allow its users to customize on how they wish their clothes to be cleaned. Haier comes with cycle settings which also comes on stationary washers such as multiple water levels. As for Best Choice Products and Giantex, these two models provide timer setting options and levels of how fast you wish your clothes are to be spun.

Dimensions and Weight


Haier is the heaviest compared to Best Choice Products and Giantex. It weighs about 43 pounds but it is still considered as portable with its four casters. These four casters make it easier to move it from one place to another effortlessly. Furthermore, it is slim and has a length and width of 23 inches. Its height is about 36 inches. With that said, you will definitely have no problems sliding this washer into any narrow space or placing it in any storage closet.

Best Choice Products

With just 24 pounds, Best Choice Products is like a feather for a washer and casters are not needed for you to move this washer from one place to another. Moreover, it has four leveling feet which makes it more portable.

With Best Choice Products, you could say it is one of those washers that are space-saving with its measurements of 23 inches for its length, 14 inches for its depth and 26 inches tall.


Giantex is also a very light appliance with only 30 pounds. It also has four stabilizing feet that keeps this machine from wobbling whenever it operates. It also does not need a lot of space as it only measures a length, width and height of 27 x 16 x 31 inches.

Capacity and Agitation


Haier is highly recommended for singles and college students as it could only hold about 6 pounds of clothes per load. Though this is the case, it is made of high quality materials and is durable with its stainless-steel tub with 1-foot cubic space and a pulsator which is used to clean clothes. Since this washer only comes with only one tub, you will not have any difficulties in relocating your laundry. Also this spinner has a see-through door which allows you to view inside the tub.

Best Choice Products

This washer has two tubs. The first one is for washing and the other for spinning. These two tubs allow its users to shorten washing time.

As for its capacity, Best Choice Products has an 8-pound capacity and could accommodate about 5 pounds of garments. As for its top loading door, this machine comes in a dark, transparent plastic. It also includes a drainage hose and an inlet connection.


Giantex is perfect for those who have children as this portable washer has a large capacity which could accommodate about 11 pounds in its main tub and 6.6 pounds in its spin tub.

Similar to the other two models mentioned above, this washer is also a top-loading and pulsating model. It also comes with an inlet tube and a draining hose. Its door is transparent as well.

Controls and Settings


Haier has push buttons and LED indicators on its metal panel. Through its control panel, you will be able to see its wash and pause status through its light indicators. This model also comes with three wash cycles and water levels that you could choose from. Moreover, Haier provides signal or indicator that lets you know when your clothes are washed and done.

Best Choice Products

This model is more traditional than Haier as Best Choice Products comes with dial knobs. Its dial knobs are the following: timer, cycle selector and another timer. The first timer is for the wash side. The cycle selector is for soft, normal clothes and drain option and the other timer is for the spin side.


Giantex has a similar control layout as with Best Choice Products. It has three knobs- two timers –one for spinner and the other one is for its washer. Both timers have a maximum time of 15 minutes. The third knob is for a cycle selector dial. This cycle selector has three settings- for delicate, normal clothes and draining.


Upon comparing the three models, you will first notice their capacity levels. Each model has different capacities and all three are capable to wash enough clothes for days. As for portability, Haier comes with casters which makes this model the easiest to move while the other two models, Best Choice Products and Giantex offer two tubs that will make your task done faster.

Best Choice Products and Giantex both have two timers- separate for washing and spinner. This means you will not have to use more water nor waste it. Haier is also a water-saver washing machine with its three water level settings. Moreover, this model also comes with indicators that will notify you and alert you once your clothes are done.

All three portable washers are top loaders and have pulsators instead of agitator. All are lightweight, portable and easy to transport. You could also customize the way you wish your clothes are washed through its wash cycle options. Moreover, all three models come with convenient auto water fill feature.

With all that said, any choice you make in choosing any of the three models, we could say you could and will never go wrong.

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