How to Accept A Walkie Talkie Invite

Though communication now is easier through the development of smart phones, there are times and situations when you would need to go back to basics and use walkie talkies. For example, it could be used for emergencies or just for fun. Nowadays, what is amazing is that walkie talkies have also evolved and has been incorporated to the new technology that we have.

In this article, we shall provide you a list of methods on how to accept a walkie talkie invite.

How to Accept A Walkie Talkie Invite

How Do I Accept An Invite on Walkie Talkie on Apple Watch?

  • Go to your Apple Watch’s notification center
  • Select walkie takie
  • Select always
  • If you could not find invitation, ensure that your setting is not on Do Not Disturb mode.
  • One of the requirements of Walkie talkie app is facetime. Hence, if you do not see it on your app or you have accidentally deleted it, all you have to do is re-download it.
  • Ensure that your Facetime is turned on
  • Open your facetime app
  • Restart your apple watch
  • Restart your iPhone
  • Hold the top of your watch face and swipe down
  • Open the notification center
  • Look for walkie talkie and select always
  • Look for invitation ensure that it is not on do not disturb option
  • Ask your friend to send you an invite

How to Fix: Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie Not Working

If you are trying to send an invitation to your friends and have encountered an issue nor does it allow you to send one, do not worry as there is a way to fix this. In this method, you will need your iPhone as well.

  • Ensure that your Facetime has been activated.
  • Keep in mind that this process could only work if your Facetime is activated with your Apple account
  • Ensure that your apple watch is updated. Open your Apple watch application from your iPhone by going to general and check software update. Ensure that it is up to date.
  • Check if your iPhone is connected with your iPhone
  • Ensure that your contact has walkie talkie and start contacting him or her

Invite Your Friend

  • Reconnect with your contact
  • Hold it and talk back
  • If this does not work, remove the contact on your device
  • Re-add your friend and reconnect with your friend by sending an invitation.
  • If invitation has been declined you would be notified.

Invite Not Sending

  • Open your walkie talkie app
  • On your iPhone, delete the contact that you would like to invite
  • Go to facetime on your iPhone, disable it
  • Restart your iPhones
  • Re-enable Facetime
  • Once you get a notification, on your device, send an invitation to your contact

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