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How to Add & Delete PDF Pages Easily (Step by Step Guide)

PDF – there is hardly any person who is not aware of words or has used this file format in daily life! 

This is the most widely used file format for information sharing. While one can use PDFs without any hassles, editing, of any sort, is a bit tough job. 

In the absence of a reliable and viable PDF editor, people and businesses are having a tough time. However, there is one solution that has reduced all the hassles and hurdles in PDF editing.

If you also need to know about ways to add & delete the PDF pages in the most simplified manner then this post is what you need to refer to. 

CocoDoc – PDF Editing Done Right 

Before we delve deep into details of the process of adding & deleting PDF pages, let’s know about the tool that will make this possible. 

CocoDoc editor is a globally recognized PDF editing tool that has already won millions of hearts. Its customer base is spread all over the world.

In 190+ countries, its services are easily available. It is a completely browser-based solution that will be at one’s service without asking a lot. 

As it has managed to touch all kinds of quality standards, many leading platforms like iLounge, The New York Times, and CNET, have applauded it. 

With its help, one can easily:

  • Delete a PDF page that is no longer needed 
  • Add page in PDF anytime and anywhere 
  • Do endless editing in the new PDF 

This is just an overview of the extensive capabilities of CocoDoc. There are many more things that you can do with CocoDoc. Before we talk about them, let’s state some of the key qualities of CocoDoc which are crucial.

  • Restriction free accessibility 

CocoDoc is an independent online platform that can be accessed from any device and browser without any hassles. It supports all the leading platforms and OS. Whether you own a mobile phone or laptop, there won’t be any issues in accessing CocoDoc. 

To add or delete PDF pages in order to make a pdf file smaller or to update it, one doesn’t have to get involved in tedious and time-taking installation & set-up. 

You can upload & download the targeted PDFs from various platforms like Google Drive, One Drive, and DropBox. Should you need to convert jpeg to PDF, you can visit jpg to pdf.

Over a single click, it is all set to help you out. In short, there is nothing that can stop you from adding or deleting PDF pages. CocoDoc has simplified it up to such an extent that a kid performs the task effortlessly. 

  • Security of the highest kind 

Is it wise to share business-critical PDF without proper security and encryption? No, it’s not and CocoDoc understands this very well. This is why it offers robust security features and facilities. 

CocoDoc backs every PDF document with 256-Bit encryption, i.e. the highest one. Whichever PDFs are backed with such high-grade encryption won’t be able to get attacked by any virtual world vulnerabilities. 

To double-up the security, CocoDoc offers a password protection facility. Availability of this facility means gaining control over PDF access. You can make the PDFs password protected and prevent any unwanted access to them. 

  • Wide range of PDF templates 

While running a business, one has to have access to a wide range of PDF templates. 

With CocoDoc, one can easily unwrap a huge collection of pre-made and professionally designed PDF templates. These designs will be at your service instantly and will let you create PDF files as per the need of the hour. 

These templates are highly customizable. So, associate details can be added. 

  • E- sign at zero hassles 

There is no second opinion that signed PDFs are more professional. In some cases, signed 

PDFs are required to meet the legal implications. CocoDoc lets you sign PDFs of all sorts with full accuracy. These digital signatures can beat the real-life signature on every front. 

How CocoDoc Can Help You?

CocoDoc offers a very simplified process to add or delete pages on PDFs. It is so simple and easy that even a first-timer will have no hassle in processing. 

Here are the steps that one needs to follow to make this happen:

Step 1 – Visit CocoDoc’s official website and login in using the valid email ID. 

Step 2 – Upload the targeted PDF, using the online uploading facility on CocoDoc. 

Step 3 – Hover over the thumbnail of the targeted PDF and click on the “Trash” symbol if you want to delete the PDF page or on the “+” sign, if adding PDF pages is required. 

Step 4 – Rotate the rearrange the pages as per the requirements. 

Step 5 – Save the changes and download or save the modified PDF. You can upload the PDF on cloud storage and access it anytime and anywhere. 

No one ever thought that adding or deleting the PDF pages could be as easy as it is now with CocoDoc. 

This kind of editing has helped businesses or individuals to attain the desired PDF easily, quickly, and accurately.

What Are the Expenses Involved?

Knowing the cost involved in the process is crucial and this factor can’t be overlooked. Gladly, CocoDoc has managed to win our hearts. It offers a free trial to its customers. During the free trial, one can avail of its services without any restrictions. 

During the free trial, no feature has been compromised. It’s full-fledged. 14 days for a free trial is enough time to explore all of its facilities. 

Those who need to avail of its services, beyond the free trial, have nothing to worry about as its paid subscriptions are highly cost-effective. 

Its premium subscription will only cost you $12 per month while its business subscription will cost you $25 per month. Clearly, the cost can never be an issue with you when you want to use CocoDoc. 

Wrapping up 

Why spend hours and invest huge efforts to add or delete PDF pages? 

Try CocoDoc and have effortless adding & deleting the PDFs. With this tool, one can do needful editing in the targeted PDF over a single click. Its high-end technology has made the process a cakewalk. Avail its free trial today and have a streamlined PDF editing facility. 

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