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How to have more icons on rows in Android

Are you one of those individuals that loves to customize your device? If so, then you’re not content with just placing a new wallpaper on your device and calling it a day. You want to do more than change the background, or the app in your quick settings, but also the number of icons on each row on your desktop as well. The layout of icons on rows is called a screen grid, and you can change your screen grid configuration in Android in just a few steps. Here’s how to have more icons on rows in Android:

how to have more icons on rows in Android 1

how to have more icons on rows in Android 2

how to have more icons on rows in Android 3

* On the main desktop, touch the area slightly beneath it (above the bottom icon row at the very bottom of the display) and hold until the desktop zooms out. Once the main desktop screen is zoomed out, you should see some options at the bottom of the display: 1) wallpapers, 2) widgets, 3) themes, and 4) screen grid. Choose option #4.

* Once you’ve opted to change your screen grid in Android, you’ll see three configurations or icon layouts: a) 4 x 4, b) 4 x 5, and c) 5 x 5. These configurations translate into a) 4 rows of 4 icons, b) 4 rows of 5 icons, and c) 5 rows of 5 icons each. Each configuration has its advantages and disadvantages, but choosing an option with more icons on each row will free up some space so that you can place even more icons on your main screen (or additional screens).

* To have more icons on rows in Android, you’ll need to take a look at each of the configurations. Fortunately, if you’re using a Samsung smartphone, you’ll be able to preview each icon layout before selecting it. This is good because you don’t have to just blindly select one and hope for the best. Once you’ve selected your icons/row layout, go ahead and click “apply” beneath the screen grid configurations. Your icon layout will transform your main desktop layout into the one you selected.

In the future, if you want to learn how to have more icons on rows in Android, you can always go back through the same steps above and select a different layout if you don’t like the current screen grid configuration.

Have you decided to change your screen grid layout? Do you like the options presented and find them to be enough, or do you think that some additional options should be added? Did this tutorial help you learn how to have more icons on rows in Android? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

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3 comentarios

  1. Hi, i have brand new Huawei P10 lite and there is not a 5×5 app icon configuration. Could you help me to get this one? Or is it impossible on my phone?

  2. Exasperating as Marshmallow doesn’t have the grid customization anymore… besides, just 5×5 is no better than the default 4×4…

    A custom launcher is what will do I’m afraid….

  3. My old Moto G6 had the 5 x 5 icon configuration, which I liked, but my new Moto G Stylus came with the 4 x 5 configuration. For some reason, I had never had occasion to bring up the menu you mentioned (by pressing and holding a spot on the home screen) and didn’t know about it. Voila–easy as pie to reconfigure! Thanks a million. I have bookmarked your website for future reference.

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