HTC One M8 Eye launched silently in China

HTC Desire Eye is one of the trending topics as the device is a selfie centered smartphone with 13MP camera on both the front and back, but what about HTC ONE M8 Eye that was rumored to come out as well. HTC did launch it but wasn’t announced officially as the smartphone is only available on the Chinese website of HTC.

HTC ONE M8 Eye is mentioned in the selfie centered smartphone section as it’s a different and new segment from HTC and upon seeing the spec sheet on the new HTC ONE M8 Eye we were kind of disappointed as the smartphone stills carries the same 5MP camera at the front but will be replacing the 4MP duo camera with a 13MP camera. We don’t know why HTC didn’t announce it globally maybe the company was too ashamed to announced that they will be changing their much talked about ultrapixel camera with a 13MP sensor because customers weren’t pleased with a 4MP camera on a high end smartphone.

The smartphone is priced around $650 on HTC’s Chinese website and also comes with EYE Experience software preloaded which would also be a selling point for the selfie centered flagship smartphone. We are not sure if HTC have plans to launch the phone globally but HTC Desire Eye certainly will though the smartphone is priced the same as the HTC ONE M8 Eye. In the end it depends on what the customers prefer for those who always wanted an HTC ONE M8 smartphone with a better camera will be going for the EYE version of HTC ONE M8 and for those who want 13MP camera on both sides of the phone would go for HTC Desire Eye though HTC ONE M8 Eye would have a better feel to it as its made for metal while same can’t be said about HTC Desire Eye which is made of plastic.

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