Best Karaoke Apps for Android and iOS

Many of us can’t spend a day without music and even if we are not gifted singers, we love to sing our favorite songs out loud. Singing can help us to relieve stress or simply add fun to a gathering. When we hear a song that we like, chances are that we look for the title and the lyrics so that we can sing along. Becoming a professional singer requires not only talent, but also a lot of dedication of training. However, if you love singing just for fun, you probably have tried karaoke. There are bars that offer Karaoke nights and it is even possible to find sophisticated Karaoke home systems that allow you to hold singing parties or contests at home. However, you don’t need an expensive system to enjoy your favorite hobby. There are great apps that allow you to transform your Android or iOS device into a Karaoke machine. With these apps, you will enjoy a great Karaoke experience, anywhere you are.

SingPlay: Karaoke your MP3

SingPLay is an app by NexStreaming Corp that allows you to turn your MP3 songs into karaoke-ready tunes. This means that the vocals are removed so that you can sing with your voice, with the background music. You can get any song from your own device and sing and record the songs that you love, while you create your own unique recordings and share them with your family, friends and anyone else. The app is very easy to use and since you can get the songs that you want from your MP3, you won’t need to spend time looking for them or feeling disappointed if a particular song is not available. It is even possible to get the songs from YouTube and convert them on your device into karaoke songs that you can sing along to. The advantage of this app is that instead of MIDI songs, it allows you to sing with the actual background music. You can record your singing by simply pressing a button and then you can edit your recording with the app’s voice and volume controls. You can share your creations via Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud and more.

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Yokee: Karaoke Sing & Record

Karaoke Sing & Record by Yokee is one of the best apps to enjoy karaoke with your friends and for free. There are millions of karaoke songs available with music and lyrics and the app offers special audio and video effects to make your karaoke party even more memorable. Karaoke Sing & Record is the favorite karaoke app for millions of users who love music and who want to sing their favorite songs, no matter where they are. You will find an incredible selection of songs of different genres and themes. The app supports different languages as well. After selecting a song, you can record your vocal track as you sing along to the lyrics. Then you can add special effects such as echo. It is also possible to karaoke with video. You can share your performance with the community of users and with your friends. Karaoke Sing & Record also lets you listen to other people singing the songs they love. The app features many popular songs that are current hits, as well as timeless classics.

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Sing! by Smule

This app will allow you to find you voice and express yourself through music. It offers audio effects and video filters that can be used when you are singing your favorite karaoke songs. You can sing along your favorite songs and enjoy karaoke with your friends or on your own. Sing! allows you to connect with other singers around the world and you can choose from a vast selection of songs including popular hits and classic songs. The app also gives you the chance to create music videos and share them with the large community of users who like you, are huge music fans. Thanks to the advanced audio effects that the app supports, you will sound like a super star, even if you don’t have previous experience singing. The pitch correction and reverb allow you to get real-time feedback on your singing. You can also apply video filters to ensure that your recording looks professional. There is a wide variety of options to choose from.

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Here is another amazing app that will allow you to sing and dance to the tune of your favorite songs. There are over 200,000 songs from around the world and the app highlights the multiple elements of music and singing, allowing you to adjust the tempo, tone and melody to ensure that the song suits your own singing style. There is a voice search function and a varied selection of musical genres that will appeal to many different tastes. You can find the latest songs, as well as traditional songs.

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