LG G5 comes to US Cellular on April 1st, Canada on April 8th

The LG G5 has been announced by LG as of last month, but the device has yet to go on sale worldwide, including the US. While there are no stores with the LG G5 in stock just yet, one US carrier is about to open up its pre-order registration for LG’s next big thing.

According to the source, US Cellular, America’s fifth-largest carrier, will open up the LG G5 pre-order registration on March 28th (a week and a half from now), with store sales to commence on Tuesday, April 1st. The LG G5 can be yours at US Cellular for $26.50 per month on an installment plan, $636 off-contract, and $199 with a two-year contract. Yes, despite the fact that many Americans are choosing installment plans, US Cellular still offers two-year contracts for those who may not have stellar credit or who may still find the contract option to be the way to go for their needs. US Cellular is not alone, however, as Sprint has now re-instated the traditional two-year contract so as to provide more options for its customers.

The LG G5 features a 5.5-inch, IPS Quantum Dot LCD display with a Quad HD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440p, a quad-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a microSD card for up to 2TB of additional storage expansion, an 8MP front camera, 16MP back camera, and a 2,800mAh battery that you can put to use with the device’s Always On Display that’s said to drain 0.8% battery per hour. The LG G5 also features a modular form factor, allowing you to connect other devices to it (such as LG’s 360 VR headset, its Hi-Fi Plus speakers, or the Cam Plus that features both 1) physical camera controls and 2) a 1,140mAh auxiliary battery that will give you some extra juice while on the go. Yes, you can still swap out the removable battery for another, as you’ve been able to do on the last several G smartphones, and you’ll find Android 6.0 Marshmallow running on the handset. Somehow, Canadian customers who purchase or pre-order the LG G5 in Canada will receive a free Cam Plus to go with their handset. We sure wish US customers who pre-order or purchase the device would receive the same.

If you’re a US Cellular customer who is interested in this handset, prepare to pre-order on March 28th (which is right around the corner). And, if you do, feel free to write in and let us know.


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