Mars Rover reaches highest point on Mars in 7 years

NASA’s Mars Rover Opportunity has reached the highest point on Mars named Cape Tribulation which is a part of Endeavour Crater’s rim in 7 years stated by NASA. This is the highest mark for Mars Rover Opportunity since it last made to the previous highest landmark called the Victoria Crater area in 2008.

Mars Rover Opportunity will also celebrate its 11 year anniversary on Mars this Sunday. And to celebrate its anniversary in style, it has taken a panoramic photo from the top of Cape Tribulation which is measured at 440 feet using its Pancam(panoramic camera installed on Mars Rover). The photo was originally taken on 6th January but is released by NASA yesterday.

The Rover’s original mission on Mars was for only three months but NASA said that it is extremely happy at the outcome that the Mars Rover has made it more than a decade on Mars. NASA said in a statement,

“During that prime mission and for more than a decade of bonus performance in extended missions, Opportunity has returned compelling evidence about wet environments on ancient Mars.”

Mars Rover Opportunity was first launched on January 25, 2004 and since then it was traveled over 25.8 miles on Mars surface, making some crucial and important discoveries throughout its journey. According to NASA, next destination for Mars Rover is to reach a location named Marathon Valley which is situated south of Endeavour’s rim. The location holds significant importance as it’s a place where water related minerals are found from the orbit satellite.

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