Meizu MX5 rumored to have 41MP camera

As 2014 is just about to end and with that a new year is going to start which will brings a lot of new rumors along with it and we won’t be surprised it some of them were shocking as smartphone manufacturers now have a lot of possibilities to choose from. Rumors about Meizu just hit the internet saying that the company is ready to launch yet another smartphone.

According to the rumors Meizu is working on their next flagship device known as Meizu MX5 which is said to be equipped with a 41MP camera and a secondary display on its back, well at least according to the rendered picture of the smartphone it seems that way. Other than that nothing is known till now. The company recently launched their flagship device known as Meizu MX4 Pro that had all the latest specs that market has to offer with an amazingly price, so we are sure the company is also going to launch their next flagship device with all the latest specs as well probably the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SOC and a QHD screen for sure.

All of these are rumors for now and we can’t be sure about anything, though putting a 41MP camera on a smartphone that soon looks ways off not to mention the secondary screen on the back of the smartphone, but who knows the company might surprise us with something else. Now talking about Chinese smartphone manufacturers we can’t avoid other Chinese competitors now can we?

Well according to an analyst named Sun Chang Xu, Xiaomi is also prepping up to launch a new smartphone that will be equipped with a QHD display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, while users will be able to get all this for just $325 an amazing price isn’t it? What are your thoughts about this, do let us know.

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