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MyFiosGateway – Manage Your Home WiFi Setting Anytime

MyFiosGateway is one of the most successful and modern routers from Verizon. This router is designed to offer fast network speed and high security. This router lets users to connect all their devices like the personal computer, tablets, mobile phones, and laptops to transmit photos, full movies, videos, and other categories of files from one device to another in the seamless way.  

Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios is a leading communication service provider and operating an advanced fiber-optic connections network with an aim to offer bundles of internet access, TV and telephone services. This company had launched its first-ever Internet access service a year ago it was founded in 2005. In the United States, Fios is providing great Fiber Optic Service and they do majorly by Verizon as well as Frontier Communications. It is the second largest provider of the fiber optic service in the nation. This company’s headquarter is located in New York City.  

A gateway is an important term used for the mixture of modem and router in the same box. The most important benefit of having a gateway is the simplicity to setup a single device. As a versatile and powerful gateway router, MyFiosGateway attracts almost everyone who seeks the first-class router in our time. This router enables every user to distribute the digital media, modern digital amusement data, and other details to several devices at the office or home. This gateway permits the Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and cables usage.  


MyFiosGateway is a popular wireless router and designed to transfer broadband internet connection through its wireless technology to every user. The Verizon Fios cable modem uses the software MyFiosGateway. This router is a good choice to handle the FIOS broadband services regardless of the location. As a beginner to the MyFiosGateway, you may think about how successfully manage your Wi-Fi settings at home. You have to know how to change the username and password, add parental control, and turn off the Wi-Fi access.   

More than a few tools are available to alter the Wi-Fi setting. You can make use of the My Fios app, My Verizon, and Router label for changing your settings as per requirements. This is advisable to explore the basic details of using the MyFiosGateway before managing the Wi-Fi settings.  

My Fios App

Users of the Fios Quantum Gateway y Verizon Fios Advanced router use the My Fios app and change the Wi-Fi settings as follows. 

  • Access the ‘Internet’ on the My Fios app
  • Go to ‘my network’ and choose the network as per wish
  • Click or tap on ‘edit’
  • Make new changes
  • Enter the new credentials 

Select ‘Enable Private Wi-Fi access’ when the access to the Wi-Fi is disabled. 

My Verizon 

It is the suitable time to know how to manage the settings using the My Verizon app. You must login your My Verizon account at first and hover on ‘services’ and choose the ‘Internet’.  The next step is to choose the network you wish to manage under ‘my network’ category. You must make the alterations you want and click ‘save changes’. 

How to manually use the router and change the Wi-Fi setting 

If you do not have a Fios Quantum Gateway or Verizon Fios Advanced router, then you can change the Wi-Fi settings manually. You have to follow the steps given below. 

  • Open the browser and type
  • Sign in with the username and password
  • The router name will be admin
  • You can use the label of the router to find the default password 
  • You have to ensure that you reset the router when you had changed your password and have forgotten it. 
  • Follow the instructions onscreen and change the username and password 

MyFiosGateway router is being promoted as it has modern features when compared to other FIOS broadband routers in our time.  Wireless technology offers so many modern functionalities and makes it capable to transmit high-quality services to all customers.  This router can detect the network and find out where the user wishes to connect. It can also set up the FIOS wireless routers in so many modes like the wireless multiple access modes, wireless bridge mode, and wireless access points. This facility is helpful a lot when you do not manually set up your network with connection of your Internet modem with various Ethernet ports. The MyFiosGateway has the best stuff to automatically detect the network and route it via the network connection provided by the MyFiosGateway. 

Remarkable benefits of using the MyFiosGateway

There are so many features and benefits of the MyFiosGateway wireless router. MyFiosGateway is fully compatible with the modern wireless routers available in our time. It can automatically find any computer or device that has an Internet connection. This facility is helpful when you are not at home as no wires needed to be attached and never cause interference. 

The modern functions of the MyFiosGateway let it perform different tasks such as data backup. MyFiosGateway can upload and save significant data on servers and support users to protect their data. It automatically updates itself with the modern network news and events. It lets users to configure the wireless router and switch between operating systems. This facility is very useful for any user who is new to the computers and willing to have the router set up in the automatic way. MyFiosGateway transmits high-quality wireless signals from the remote corners of the home.  

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