Best Red Eye Remover Apps for Android and iOS

Pose, 1…2…3…, click and your picture has been taken. Great pose, great smile, it seems like it is a picture perfect moment except for one tiny detail- your eyes are red. Red eyes effect in pictures are caused by the camera capturing light reflecting from the retina of your eyes and let’s face it, red eyes effect in pictures could be a little bit frustrating as it destroys your beautiful captured picture moment. Fortunately, with today’s technology, this could be fixed in an instant through red-eye remover apps found in Android and iOS.

1. Visage Lab

This is a free photo retouch app that provides a quick and smooth fix on your picture. It could smoothen your skin, remove red-eye effect, pimples, shine on your face and could even whiten your teeth. All you have to do is open the app then get a picture from your phone’s photo gallery or take a picture and once you have your desired picture that you wish to edit, Visage Lab will start doing its magic to fix your picture.

This app comes with an advance face search algorithm which means it will retouch your picture automatically. It will detect if your eyes have that red-eye effect and will correct it automatically. If your facial skin is segmented it fix it by smoothening your uneven-looking skin and will remove any greasy or gloss on your face that is caused by the light of the camera’s flash. Unfortunately, if you wish to remove skin defects and birthmarks, this app does not have a feature for it.

Also, not only Visage Lab allows you to fix your picture, but it also allows its users to beautify it through its artistic effect features such as changing your picture to black and white, sepia, old looking, vintage postcard or if you wish you could add lighting effects or transform your picture to HDR.

This app allows you to compare a before and after effects and could save the retouched picture in your camera roll album for your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps.

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2. Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder is another great photo editing tool that enhances and makes your pictures look better. It allows its users to add effects and filters and remove unwanted photo defects.

These picture editor app is compatible with Android and iOS devices and offers a great variety of features. You could change your picture from modern looking to old-looking black and white picture or if you wish to change how you look in the picture, you could change the color of your lipstick and eyeshadows. Through this app, you could even enlarge your chest.

Aside from making you look good in your picture, this app also offers standard editing tools such as cropping, rotating the picture, adding frames and text.

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3. Eye Color Studio

This photo editor solely focuses on people’s eyes. You might think that this app is just a simple tool with features that could be done by other picture editor apps, you will be surprised as the edited results are far better than those of the usual picture editors.

To start editing your picture, all you have to do is select a picture from your phone’s picture gallery then this app will automatically recognize any face in the picture and will start fixing any eye defects. Though this app could automatically fix your picture, it offers its users the comfortability of doing it themselves manually too for better accuracy.

Through this app, you could add effects such as choosing from 100 different types and colors of eyes. Aside from that, if you are in a playful mode, you could change someone’s eyes into an alien’s eyes.

Once you have completed editing your picture, you could compare before and after results and save it in your device’s memory.

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4. Pixlr Express

With impressive tools, you will not go wrong with Pixlr Express. Like other picture editor apps, Pixlr Express also comes with editing tools such as cropping, changing of orientation, adjusting the brightness and contrast. In addition to that, this app also boasts its other special features such as removing red-eye effects and teeth whitening. It also allows one to add effects such as frames, filters and many more that will transform your simple-looking picture into a picture perfect, exclusive look photo.

Moreover, this app offers the following features:

– Color balancing

– Has a blur, brightness and contrast settings

– Comes with 600 different effects

– Allows its users to send edited pictures to social media and friends

– Has a simple interface

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5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Who doesn’t know Adobe Photoshop? This famous program software creator also has joined the bandwagon of easy to use picture editing apps. Available on Android and iOS devices, this program is easier and faster to use and with that said, you will have to lower your expectations a bit as its functionality is a little bit reduced compared to its PC version.

Through Adobe Photoshop Express, you will be able to do the following:

– Removal of red-eyes effect

– Crop and rotate the picture

– Mirror an image

– Add and choose from15 frames and strokes

– This app has an auto-correction mode

– Adjust the contrast, sharpness, shadows, highlights, shade, and exposure

– Choose from two dozen effects and filters

– It has a built-in step by step wizard

– Preview your work

– Edit pictures in any format

– Manually or automatically remove defects

– Integrate with Creative Cloud service

– You could work on any RAW format

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6. Facetune

Facetune is a small-sized picture editor that comes with a wide range of great features. Though this app does not have as many features as Adobe Photoshop, it has more than enough necessary tools that you will need to retouch and edit your picture.

Through Facetune, you will be able to remove those pesky red-eyes effect, whiten your teeth, remove those unwanted scars and dark circles under your eyes. It could also even adjust the shape of your face if you want to. Aside from beautifying your face, this app also offers other features such as blurring your picture, adding frames and applying filters.

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7. Photo Editor by Aviary

This app is very convenient with its multifunctional features. Photo Editor by Aviary is compatible with both Android and iOS. It is easy to use and has a simple interface. This app could remove any red eyes, allows its users to balance the color of the picture, crop the picture and add stickers as a decoration. Aside from those mentioned, this app also comes with more free functions and offers additional plug-ins and tools for a fee.

8. Cymera

Widely recognized by many and a very popular app, Cymera comes with amazing and numerous features. It has about more than 800 effects and designs you could choose from. One great feature that this app has is its imitation of effects of seven DSLR lenses like image stabilization which makes one’s picture look clearer.

Many great positive reviews say that they love Cymera’s special effects and filters. It is said that through this app, they were able to make any picture look ideal through highlighting or blurring

backgrounds, emphasizing one’s smile, obliterate red eyes, changing the contrast of the picture, adjusting the color and brightness and many more.

One feature that one would appreciate in this app is its autofocus function. It recognizes any face and would automatically focus on it. In addition to that, this app also offers different shooting modes, timer, exposure, etc.

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9. Red Eye Removal

This program is easy to use and is free. It removes any red-eyes effect in any picture. It is also simple to use which allows everyone even those who are not techy to use it. It also comes with other features such as filters but this app is more focused on fixing and editing one’s eyes. In addition to that, this app could also edit the color of the eyes of any animals which usually appears yellow on pictures.

This program could repeat, undo or cancel any transformation or conversions.


10. Eye Color Changer

With more than 10 million downloads, this app could successfully edit your picture into a more realistic and beautiful picture. This app could change the color of your picture and could even change the size of your eyes into larger and more beautiful looking eyes. It could also remove red eyes and apply new color lenses.

Eye Color Changer’s interface is simple yet attractive. it is presented with patterns of eyes in different shapes and colors.

Even though it would be nicer to be able to change the color of your eyes manually, there are many choices to choose from that you will not need to mix and match colors.


11. Red Eye Remover

Red Eye Remover app is easy to use which in fact even non-tech savvy could use. It could detect automatically red-eye effects and would make the necessary adjustments. If you wish to edit your picture automatically for more precise results, this app allows its users to do so.


12. Pixelmator

One of the most powerful photo editors, Pixelmator could edit any picture you have on your iPhone or iPad. All you have to do is to load the picture in this app and start editing by adding superimpose filters or enhance your image through its wide range of tools such as red-eye removal, edit skin defects, remove glares and adjust colors.

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With today’s technology, you could save those horrendous pictures through photo editor apps easily and effortless. Through this article, we hope we were able to give you photo editor app choices which could aid you in removing those unwanted red-eye effects.

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