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What Can I Hook Up to Motherboard RGB Header?

For you to be able to know what you will be able to hook up with motherboard, you will first need to know what motherboard RGB header is and what are its features. If you do not know this, do not worry as through this article, we shall provide you these information.

RBG means red, green and blue and they produce ranges of colors through the addition of different intensities of the mentioned colors.

RGB devices could be controlled by end user is one of the features which could be shared through RGB systems. In fact, there are some RGB devices which provides controller which could be used with different devices including fans and coolers. Moreover, you could also customize the color and brightness. If you will notice, MSI, ASUS and other leading brands have RGB header port which is used for connecting RGB device.

Through RGB devices, you could create effect profiles, sync light effects between devices. Moreover, RGB headers come in two types and they are addressable which would help you operate the LED separately while the other type is non-addressable which would not allow you to operate LED separately.

Where are RGB Headers Located on the Motherboard?

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of modern motherboards – addressable headers and non-addressable headers. RGB headers are actually labeled as RGB Header1 and RGB Header2 and they are located on the motherboard which are located near the power connection which is on the top edge of the board. You would also find one on the front panel audio and the serial port headers could be found on the bottom side of the board.

RGB headers are included on all motherboards?

Usually motherboards come with two RGB connections. These connections could provide up to 12V power. RGB motherboards provide a good look for your computer. However, if you are using many RGB fans, you would need to provide their own header. This means, you will need to choose a very great RGB motherboard for you to be able to hook up your motherboard RGB header for a better RGB lighting on a PC.

What hooked RGB header on motherboard?

As mentioned earlier, usually motherboards come with RGB header which has 12V DC power to your RGB devices. Through your RGB headers, the RGB LED strips are powered unlike its regular connectors. This means, if your motherboard has an RGB header, you could use it to power your LED strips.

How to Hook Up RGB Fans to Motherboard

  • Plug RGB lead of fan to the header
  • If you lack RGB connector, add a fan controller
  • Connect RGB fans to the power supply directly

There are different three RGB fans which could be joined with your motherboard and they are:

  • 3-Pin RGB fans – does not need extra device to connect
  • 4-Pin RGB fans – does not need extra device to connect
  • Motherboard with no headers

How to Plug 4-Pin RGB Fan

  • Separate the case
  • Read guidelines on the manual provided together with your 4 Pin RGB fan
  • Check RGB spots
  • Ensure that everything is connected properly

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