Eyecatcher, a Smartwatch Alternative With Improved Style

While there are many smartwatches already on the market, most of them are not great in terms of style. For such a revolutionary device, its similarities with conventional watches is a bit over the top. This, aligned with the overall lack of style they bring to users’ wrists, make smartwatches a no-go in terms of fashion.

The motto “smart is the new sexy” is quite popular these days, and it applies perfectly to this product, that promises to mark a revolution in the smartwatch market. The Eyecatcher Smart Bracelets are a set of fashionable smart jewelry that fuses fashion and technology, making these bracelets a great accessory to match the style of each user, while keeping them as connected as they want to be.

Featuring a 5″, 16-level grayscale bi-static display, the Eyecatcher bracelets can easily match the style of any wardrobe. The screen can display slideshows, customized patterns, photos, and more. It comes with a 100mAh, which might not seem that great – however, this battery can power the bracelet for an entire year on a single charge, with enough power to show 8,000 display updates.

Just like any other smartwatch, the Eyecatcher bracelets deliver the usual content like notifications, schedules, calendars, maps, and so on. They were built to function with the iPhone, being solely controlled by the official iOS app, as the device itself has no buttons whatsoever.

While this gadget may be especially appealing for women, it really fits anyone with a keen sense of style and fashion. These bracelets are now the subject of a crowdfunding campaign, placed on Kickstarter, which aims to collect $75,000. With 44 days to go, more than $18,000 have been raised (almost a quarter of the total amount), meaning that this campaign will likely be successful and we will be able to hear more about Eyecatcher very soon.

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