Facebook Messenger Gets Its First Game

Facebook Messenger app was reported to get its first ever game called Doodle Draw Game. According to Facebook, this is the first true game available in the Messenger platform which was launched in April this year. The game appears in the Messenger’s app list.

Messenger platform has various other apps too. Previously, Facebook allowed apps like GIF creators or sound effects makers to be included in the Messenger Platform. One of the famous Messenger apps include Talking Tom which allow users to record and send their video messages which is then translated or spoken by a cartoon character.

According to Facebook, the idea of including games in the Messenger platform was first brought into attention before the Messenger platform launch. But, it was interested in collecting test data to see how people are responding to the new platform and based on that data, the decision was to be made whether to include utilities and games in it or not.

The game, called Doodle Draw is very similar to the Draw Something game available on both iOS and Android. The reason why Facebook opted to include a content creation gaming app into the Messenger platform rather than any other genre is that it is more suited for the platform. However, Facebook said that the Messenger platform is openly available for developers to explore other possibilities and build whatever they want.

Right now, Facebook is not earning a penny from hosting such apps into the Messenger platform. But the way Facebook is handling its platform suggests long term profits and revenue generation. One thing is certain from this move that Facebook knows that people don’t hate the Messenger platform. Now, they can build something out of it by providing such services and apps that could be both useful and entertaining for users.

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