Facebook says it is developing virtual reality apps

Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox said in an interview that Facebook is working on apps for VR. According to him, Facebook is really looking forward to dig deep into the world of virtual reality and explore new things about it.

Facebook acquired Oculus VR, the developer of Oculus Rift headset and the virtual reality games, last year in order to start working on the new technology. It seems that Facebook is developing an app of itself that could be used with the Oculus VR headset or with any virtual reality environment.

Chris also said in VR, there are a lot of things that are great. It provides a wider aspect to things and this concept will help people to express themselves even more by using the VR experience.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the purchase of Oculus acquisition was not just pushing the boundaries of video games and stuff like that, in fact that whole idea was to see further ahead and explore new uses of virtual reality in fields like communication, medicine and education.

Last month, Facebook announced a new sub division of Oculus called Oculus Story Studio which will be working on producing movies in virtual reality. It looks like Facebook is using the Oculus division impressively and it won’t take long for Facebook and its other apps including Instagram etc. making their way into the virtual reality. Oculus already released its own video player app called Oculus Cinema which provides user a virtual movie theatre experience.

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