Best Face Recognition Apps for iOS and Android

No one could have imagined, predicted, and foreseen that what was shown in movies before could be brought to today’s reality. One example of this is the mobile face recognition technology. Face recognition is now possible through apps, and these apps provide security and entertainment to its users.

With continuous developments, updates, upgrades, and improvements, only time could tell how far face recognition could go and could work in the future. But, for now, here are some iOS and Android apps that provide best face recognition features which you will surely enjoy and impress you.

1. Animoji

Since the inception of iPhone X, face recognition has taken a step forward with Animoji. It comes with dedicated hardware, which makes their FaceID recognition incomparable with other similar apps. It works by using face scanning features to build 3D models based on facial expressions.

Though Animoji is only available on the iPhone, there are other great alternatives for Android devices, and one of them is the Live Emoji. This app comes with 50 emoji faces and four face morphing modes. Another app which is equally amazing is the Emoji maker. Through it, you will be able to create and share live emojis.

2. True Key

Developed by Intel Security, True Key is a tool that will help you log into your favorite site through the recognition of your face. It works by synchronizing your smartphone, desktop, tablet to be able to control through digital identity. True Key comes with one of the best and strongest security features with its AES-256 encryption algorithms, multi-factor authentication, which works by requesting you to verify your identity before letting you access your device.

3. Moments by Facebook

Through Moments you will be allowed to create photo albums and share them by instantly sending your photos to your family and friends and get the photos back. The program itself will automatically organize your pictures and videos on your mobile by categories- time, location, people in the photos. Its face detection feature identifies who it is in your photos.

4. EmoticonAR for Messenger

This app recognizes your facial emotion through an image and will put it on an emoticon. This feature is made possible through its Qualcomm Snapdragon processor facial recognition

function. It recognizes one’s mood, will interpret it into an emoticon and will replace your mouth, eyes, etc. This app comes with about ten built-in different moods.

5. Face2Gene

What separates Face2Gene from other face recognition apps is it is a healthcare app. It uses facial recognition to acquire bioinformatics, which clinicians use for them to be able to detect specific disorders. This is made possible through the use of a proprietary algorithm which compares faces with syndromes.

This app could detect phenotypes, relevant facial, and non-facial features. It also provides relevant syndrome matches.

6. BioID Facial Recognition

A cloud biometrics company, BioID has come up with a very unique anonymous multimodal biometric authentication facial recognition feature. It provides one of the strongest privacy and security through face and voice recognition.

Users of this app could use this feature to log into their favorite apps and websites. BioID’s facial recognition app is available on both iOS and Android.

7. AppLock Face/Voice Recognition

Available on Android, this app works through sensory features of facial and voice recognition. Through it, you will be able to secure your mobile’s contents private. It also allows you to customize your own unlock phrase for you to be able to access your locked apps.

For this app to work, you will need to register and enroll your face and voice. Once done, the app will verify your voice and face. Then, it will allow you to access and open locked apps on your device. This app uses algorithms that will recognize your face.

8. FaceBot Facial Expression

This app is unique as it measures one’s attractiveness and will let you know what is the best selfie pose from a set of pictures. It also identifies countenance in your pictures. Once this app recognizes and detects your facial expression, it will automatically allow you to create an anonymous question and will suggest which picture you could choose for a professional, intelligent, attractive look.

9. Luxand FaceSDK

This app is created for developers. It allows its users to use its face recognition SDK and face detection APIs functions. This includes predicting what will one look in the future, augmenting

reality facial filters and transforming faces to 3D avatars. Aside from that, you could also automate post-process such as editing red-eye removal and adjust your skin tone. You will also be able to crop, detect, export and resize.

10. IObit App lock

Through IObit Applock, you will be able to protect your information and data of your device. IObit Applock comes with a locking system and private apps. To be able to access your private apps, it will need to verify your face and fingerprint. You will never have to worry about anyone seeing your notifications as well as it will hide your data notifications as well. Lastly, the most amazing feature of IObit Applock is, it captures the picture of anyone who tries to unlock your device and will notify you through your email.

11. LogMe

A search engine based, facial recognition app, LogMe could recognize anyone from your uploaded picture on your mobile camera or gallery. This app also allows you to browse similar faces based on resemblance and send private messages to those who are in the photo.

12. FaceLock

More than a locking device application, the FaceLock is also a task manager and market-protected. This means, no one will be able to uninstall FaceLock out of the box. It could also recognize faces even in difficult lighting conditions.

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