Best Facial Steamers

Steaming hot water is a method that has been used in many things such as for cooking and for beautifying. In the beauty industry, though it has not been proven to be effective, steaming water has been used to cure acne, warts and other skin conditions.

In the early days, steaming water comes with plastic basin and towel for covering to get steam out of the hot water from the basin. Though this method gets by, beauty companies have created devices or machines that could make steaming easier and convenient.

This article features top 10 of the best facial steamers that you could choose from.

1. Pure Daily Care Nano Steamer

Trying to get rid of blackheads? The Pure Daily Nano Steamer is the perfect deal. Aside from it being expert in removing blackheads, this steamer machine also improves blood circulation and keeps the skin hydrated. It also treats blemishes and allows its users to use any surgical steel tools to remove blackheads effortless and safely.

This machine is very efficient and easy to use. It does not require one to have training to be able to use it. Though, you might have to read the users’ manual to ensure you are operating the machine correctly. This machine also comes with three different settings you could choose from:

  1. Basic Function
  2. Towel Warm Function
  3. Humidifier

Furthermore, Pure Daily Care Nano Steamer is small and easy to use anywhere. It also has long operating time. It has about half an hour on full tank that will ensure you will enjoy a steaming session without any interruptions.

2. ECVISION- Nano Ionic Warm Mist Facial Steamer

The Nano Ionic Warm Mist Facial Steamer is created and produced by ECVISION company. They designed this machine with PTC ceramic heating element which could provide steam instantly. It also produces tiny water particles that allows steam to penetrate the skin. Hence, giving you a moisturized looking skin.

ECVISION’s Nano Ionic Warm Mist Facial Steamer is another perfect machine to use to loosen your skin. Once your skin loosens up, you will have no problem in removing those pesky blackheads. This machine also comes with five extraction loops and needles needed for blackheads extraction.

Moreover, the Nano Ionic Warm Mist Facial Steamer has a large tank that is sufficient enough to house 70ml and could give you about 12 minutes of steam before you will need to refill it.

3. Conair-Facial Sauna with Timer

Conair offers facial sauna that will open up facial skin pores and will moisturize your skin as well. After using this machine, your skin will definitely look like you have gone through a facial treatment.

This model comes with a facial cleansing brush that will remove and clear all the tiny and oil particles off your skin. This way, it will allow the steam to do its job of opening up your pores and moisturize it smooth.

With its nasal cone design, Conair not only works to treat skin problems but it could also be used to clear nasal passages. Furthermore, this machine includes a timer that will provide you your preferred length of time until it automatically turns off.

4. KINGA- Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

If you are looking for a facial steamer machine that will allow you to use it instantly, KINGA is the answer. It is very efficient and comes with a heating element that could heat the water in a matter of 30 seconds.

KINGA comes with a blackhead removal kit. The kit includes 5 different tools that will equip you to remove those unwanted skin problems. Also, cleaning the tank of this machine will not be a problem with its UV sterilization feature. You can be assured that as long as you use clean water, you will not need to worry about clean, sanitized steam.

5. Panasonic- Spa Quality Facial Steamer

Comes with a stylish design, Panasonic’s Spa Quality Facial Steamer offers more than good looks. It provides nano-sized steam particles just after a few minutes of turning it on. It ensures your skin pores are loosened up and are readied for extracting those unwanted skin problems. Aside from extracting blackheads, this steamer is also best used for removing make-up particles.

6. Beauty Nymph

Beauty Nymph is known for being the “Spa Home Facial Steamer”. It comes in two levels of intensity of producing steam. It has a portion for general steaming sessions and another for facial steaming. Aside from facial steaming, this steamer has another use that one would find convenient- a vaporizer.

This machine comes with a measuring cup that will help you avoid in over-filling its tank.

7. Kingdom-Facial Steamer

This steamer is a device that is usually used to loosen up the pores of your skin. It is perfect for removing blackheads, dirt and other skin problems such as dead skin cells and oily skin. This machine could also be used to remove make-up easily.

Kingdom Facial Steamer comes with a UV light sterilizer that will filter and purify the water that you will pour in its tank. It also has an automatic shut off timer.

8. Secura- NanoCare Facial Steamer

Secura comes in a small machine but offers numerous useful features. It is a machine that will help you rejuvenate and moisturize your skin. This result is done through the process of turning water into fine, nano steam particles and these particles will remove any dirt, oil, etc from your skin.

Furthermore, Secura comes with a humidifying interior that allows you to use your preferred level of humidity. Also, unlike other facial machines, this model comes with a one- year warranty.

9. Kingdom -2-in-1 Hair in Facial Steamer

Star Wars lovers will enjoy this facial steamer as its design looks similar to Star War’s R2D2. However, unlike any other facial machine featured in this article, Kingdom’s 2-in1 Facial Steamer is a little bit complicated as it does not only work as a face steamer but it could also be used as a hair steamer.

This device also comes with a safety system where it will warn its users in case its water tank runs out of water.

10. OkachiGliya- Nano Steamer

OkachiFliya comes with a PTC heating that will heat your water fast and efficiently. It also comes with UV laser that will assure you the steam that will touch your skin is clean. This machine has a fixed temperature of 104 Fahrenheit that will ensure your skin will not be scalded due to very hot steam.

This device comes with a BPA- Free Water Tank that could house up to 80ml of water. This allows you to enjoy steaming your face up to a maximum of 15 minutes. For its safety, OkachiGilya has an aluminum alloy nozzle that will avoid any hot water spillage.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing and Choosing Your Own Facial Steamer

Facial steamers have invaded the beauty industry market and it comes in different sizes and shapes. It also comes in different types, features and modes of functions. Aside from that, there are more factors that you should consider when choosing your facial steamer and they are the following:

1. Depending on your need and preference

Personal Steamer – These steamers are small sized and works by putting water in its tank, turning it on and basking your face on the steam as it comes out. As these machines are for personal use, they are not recommended to be used for the sole purpose of humidifying.

Professional Steamer- The difference of professional steamer from personal steamer is its size. Professional steamers are much bigger and comes in bigger tank. It also produces finer steam particles and covers more skin.

Nano-Ionic Steamer – these steamers come with ceramic heating elements that allows faster heating process of transforming water to steam.

How Facial Steamers Work

Facial steamer produces a lot of steam that works to hydrate your skin. It also loosens your skin pores for easier removal of blackheads. It is naturally similar to saunas and it works by putting water in its tank then it heats the water and transforms it into a steam. Sometimes there are facial steamer models that comes with a fan that would blow the steam directly to your face.

Benefits of Using Facial Steamer

Though health benefits haven’t been proven and identified in relation to steaming process, many users have claimed that they experienced positive effects on their health and looks as well. Here are some some reasons why people use facial steamers:

  • Improved circulation- improved circulation causes for the skin to glow.
  • Hydration- dry skin is caused by products we use on our faces. One of it is caused by make-up. However, by using facial steamers, your skin is hydrated and hydration fights the signs of dry skin.
  • Blackhead removal- to those who has experience having blackheads, it is quite difficult getting rid of it, however, through steaming, the pores of your skin loosens and makes removing the blackheads easier.

How to Use Facial Steamer?

1. Prepare your skin – To achieve maximum positive effects, before using a facial steamer, it is very important to clean your face first. Simple washing would do- water, soap and rinse. Towel dry your face and you are ready for the next step.

2. Prepare your facial steamer- preparing a facial steamer does not need a genius for it to make it work. Simply fill its tank with water, turn on the switch and set your preferred steam intensity. Once done, you are now ready to start your facial steaming session.

3. Start your session- Now, in this step, all you have to do is enjoy your facial steaming session. Remember to check the tank once in a while. Ensure that it has sufficient water.


What is the best facial steamer for home use?

When choosing your personal home facial steamer, you must identify who will use it. If it is just you, then it is recommended that you get a smaller version. However, if it will be shared with other people, then you might want to get a larger model.

For electric consumption, you will not have to worry about your electricity bill even if you choose a larger model. Hence, you will not have to dwell too much on this aspect but you might want to consider the price of the steamer. Small models with basic functions usually cost about $10 but larger and complex models could cost up to $300.

In conclusion, if you will be using a facial steamer for personal use, we suggest to get the personal version instead of the professional one. It much cheaper and at the same time does a job that one would expect.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using facial steamers? Are they safe to use?

Advantages in Using Facial Steamers:

There are a lot of benefits when you steam your face. It is known to be used for years to help one in making their facial skin more soft, attractive and healthy. It also helps in addressing skin problems such as blackheads. It also rinses or takes off unwanted dirt and skin imperfections.

Disadvantages in Using Facial Steamers:

Most users state that it is very safe to use facial steamers. However, there are a few that say it is unsafe and it is not beneficial to use. Moreover, if you have a skin condition such as rosacea, using a steamer could bring more damage than it being more helpful. Aside from that, there also some people that say that steam could dilute your blood vessels and could bring your face to be more inflamed.

How long should treatment last?

Usually it takes about 5 to 15 minutes for steam to take effect on one’s skin. The time frame in using facial steamers usually depend on the amount of water the steamer could accommodate. Hence and taking that into consideration, it is safe to say that steaming sessions usually could take about 10 minutes per session. Of course, you will need to consider the temperature also. If it is too hot, your treatment should not take longer than what is usual.

How frequent one should use a facial steamer?

Though steaming is enjoyable and pleasurable, it is suggested to do it only once a week. Overdoing steaming sessions could bring more damage to skin rather than enhance and make your skin healthier. So, if you want effective positive results, do not go beyond once a week treatment.


Purchasing a facial steamer is one of the best decisions one could make. Not only it would make your skin look beautiful, it also could clean and make it look healthier. Blackheads, dirt, oil and other skin problems have no say when you use a facial steamer. So no matter what your choice is, whether it is large or small facial steamer machine, we could guarantee that you will have a healthy, smooth, beautiful face and pleasurable steaming activity experience.

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