Fan of Extreme Sports? Then Meet Shrick!

Extreme sports are amazing. They give us a rush of adrenaline, they take us to the edge and they push us to our limits – this is true regardless of the level of professionalism with which they are practiced. And with thousands of people doing these sports, it makes total sense that a platform congregating all of them exists.

Shrick is a social platform designed to be used by action sport riders and all aficionados alike. This app, available for free on iOS and Android, aims to be the go-to place in the world of extreme sports, where riders can share their tricks, their failures and their latest updates, and fans can take a peek on what their favorite sportsmen are up to.

This platform offers useful tools to share content with other lovers of extreme sports, that can be used to sharp and edit photos and videos – slow motion and fish-eye are just to examples, with lots of filters available for photos. Another great feature of this app is the possibility for users to compete with each other, which can give them a place in their respective city and country rankings.

Shrick is not only aimed at the successes, as the team behind the app also encourages users to upload failures. That brings a more humane side to this platform, where users can take a look on what gear is their idol using, or where he/she is now.

Ultimately, this platform will turn out of be a huge database of tricks, versing more than eighteen disciplines right now – BMX, jet ski, kitesurf, skateboard, ski and snowboard are just some examples. Not surprisingly, Shrick is having a wide acceptance next to the pros: “I love Shrick, it’s the coolest social media 100% action sports, finally! In my sport, Shrick is one of a kind”, said Ben Milot, FMX pro-rider.

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