Fender Tune – Guitar Tuner: The leading app for advanced technology and accuracy, now available for Android users

Fender is a legendary name in the music industry. For decades, guitar and bass geniuses have relied on this manufacturer to create memorable works of art. Fender’s equipment is known for its top quality and the company recently extended its coverage to the digital world with a new selection of products. As expected, the first solution from Fender Digital is a top quality app that will help you to tune your guitar with impressive precision. Fender Tune – Guitar Tuner was launched for iOS in 2016 and soon, Android users will also be able to enjoy the advantages of this powerful app.

This guitar tuning app marks Fender’s incursion in the digital market and although there are other options available to get your guitar, or bass in top shape, it can’t be denied that Fender Tune has a considerable advantage over other apps of the same type. Fender has earned the respect of the music industry and it is a very popular brand around the world. That alone will prompt many users to choose this app, but its quality and great performance are what will impress Fender’s loyal fans, as well as those who are just learning to play guitar.

Fender Tune focuses on offering a user-friendly interface that makes things easy for beginners, while allowing professionals to get ready to play without any hassle. It is a convenient portable tuner that provides intuitive feedback to ensure that new or experienced players can enjoy pitch-perfect accuracy, thanks to Fender’s DSP technology. The app works really well and will allow you to tune your instrument within minutes. The Auto Mode will guide you into tune when you pluck a string and there is a helpful diagram that shows every selected tuning. If you prefer to tune your instrument manually, you can tap a string in the interactive headstock to hear samples recorded from real Fender instruments.

Fender Tune also features a Chromatic Mode and a variety of tuning options that will give you flexibility to tune your instrument. Beginners will love the app’s helpful tips and guides that takes them through every step of the tuning process. Fender Tune is designed to offer a seamless experience and its green meter that checks ambient sound to ensure accuracy. The app is free and there are no in-app purchases required to take advantage of the wide selection of tuning options that it supports. You can switch between different options and save your own tuning settings. Fender Tune is a great start for the company’s digital division and it is set to open the door for future products that will help players to enjoy the reliability and top quality of Fender on their mobile devices.


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