First, Bendgate, now Cameragate: Apple recalls iPhone 6 Plus models due to faulty camera

First, #Bendgate, and now, #Cameragate. It seems as if Apple can’t get a break with the iPhone 6 Plus. The company has now launched an iSight camera replacement program due to the back camera on the iPhone 6 Plus taking blurry photos. According to the company on its iSight Camera Replacement Program page:

Apple has determined that, in a small percentage of iPhone 6 Plus devices, the iSight camera has a component that may fail causing your photos to look blurry. The affected units fall into a limited serial number range and were sold primarily between September 2014 and January 2015.

If your iPhone 6 Plus is producing blurry photos and falls into the eligible serial number range, Apple will replace your device’s iSight camera, free of charge.

There are a few things to keep in mind with Apple’s official statement. First, only the iSight camera will be replaced, not the entire iPhone 6 Plus (in other words, you won’t be able to get a new one simply because your iSight camera is defective). If you have a screen crack or some other flaw that needs to be repaired, then you’ll have to get that fixed and pay a repair fee (you won’t get additional repairs covered for free just because Apple will replace the iSight camera at no additional cost.). Next, you can visit an authorized Apple retail store, an official Apple store locally and make an appointment in advance, or visit Apple Technical Support online.

It’s good that Apple has agreed to replace this small portion of iSight cameras in iPhone 6 Plus models that are the cause of the trouble. The Cupertino, California company stated last Fall after the arrival of #Bendgate that “only 9” people had reported issues with their “bending” iPhones, but sources close to the matter say that Apple had started counting the number of bending iPhones in the company’s computer system and storing them. The iPhone 6s shell leaks we’ve already seen show that the company is taking #bendgate seriously, with the company now having an iPhone that will bend under 80 pounds of pressure as opposed to the 30 pounds of pressure under which the iPhone 6 Plus bent due to a manufacturing flaw near the volume buttons in the middle of the iPhablet.

Apple has been notoriously known for the Purple Haze Controversy with its iPhone 5 camera that turned indoor and outdoor scenes “purple” whenever some sort of light source (the sun or lamp) was present, as well as the “Antennagate” issues with the iPhone 4 that caused phone reception to fade off if users covered their antenna with their hands. A tech reviewer was told he was “holding it wrong” (referring to the iPhone 5) when he reported that his iPhone 5 was placing purple hazes all over his outdoor and indoor photos. Apple never acknowledged the Purple Haze iPhone 5 issue, although many seem to think that the sapphire lens cover on the back camera was to blame. In the case of the iPhone 4’s “Antennagate,” Apple gave a free protective case worth $15 to affected users.


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