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If your new year resolution is to get fit or if you are already exercising regularly but want to do it more efficiently, an activity tracker would be very convenient. Instead of taking notes to try to keep track of all the calories lost, you can transfer all the information to activity trackers. These electronic devices offer more than regular pedometers, which can only measure your steps. With an activity tracker, you can get additional information. There are accelerometers or altimeters that can track the distance, calculators that help you to keep up with calorie loss. Furthermore, some of these activity trackers can monitor heart rate and check the quality of your sleep.

Choosing the best activity tracker

Activity trackers allow you to find out how fit you are using advanced calculations based on specific parameters. We started hearing about activity trackers when the original Fitbit was released in 2009. In general, activity trackers are paired with an online or mobile app that allows you to monitor your lifestyle and physical health. In some cases, you can even connect the device to another smart device such as a weight scale, giving you more options to get accurate information about your fitness. Activity trackers are available in different designs. There are some options that you can attach to your waist using a clip-on, while others look like a watch that you can wear around your wrist. Some devices can be tied to your shoe.

When you are looking for the bets activity tracker, it is important to consider a variety of aspects and features. One of the main factors to keep in mind is the amount of information that you can get from the device, as well as the appearance and design. Many people prefer a design that is discreet and convenient. While there are many options in the market, Fitbit and BodyBugg stand out as the best activity trackers available. Fitbit is a pioneer when it comes to activity trackers and the BodyBugg line from Apex Fitness Group offers amazing quality. Regardless of the one you select, you can be sure that you will get a top activity tracker. In the end, the choice depends on your preferences but here you will find out more about the Fitbit and the BodyBugg.


Fitbit launched the first activity tracker. The Fitbit Tracker went beyond regular pedometers and it offered a three-dimensional accelerator to keep track of your body’s activity. It could provide information such as the distance walked, calories burned and the length and intensity of your activities. The information was presented on a display and it featured a wireless station that allowed people to charge the device, connect and upload the data to the Fitbit website. Once the data was uploaded, it was possible to access features such as tracking of set goals and get more data on physical activity. In addition, it was possible to interact with other users.

Nowadays, it is still possible to use the website for free, even if you don’t have a Fitbit tracker. When it was originally released, the Fitbit was an amazing innovation and its small and lightweight design made it very convenient. You could simply clip it on your body and wear it whenever needed. Since its original release in 2009, the Fitbit line has evolved and new products have been added including the Fitbit One, the Fitbit Zip, the Fitbit Flex, the Fitbit Force and the Fitbit Aria. The latter is a smart scale that lets you measure your weight, body mass index and body fat.

One of the latest products released by Fitbit is the Fitbot Force, which has a design that resembles a watch and it is very lightweight. The device used an advanced accelerometer to track your progress, allowing you to access it by simply touching a button. The activity tracker takes note of the steps taken, the number of stairs climbed, the distance walked and for how long have you been doing these activities. The Fitbit Force uses the information tracked to calculate how many calories you have burned during the day. You can even wear the device while you sleep since it is capable to track your sleep pattern. It includes an alarm that can wake you up without making noise.

The Fitbit Force can connect to multiple devices via Bluetooth in an automatic way so you can pair it with your computer, Android tablet or your iPhone. Once the Fitbit Force is connected to a device, you just need to tap one button to activate the associated application. Using the app, you can also access your personal dashboard to see your data, set up your goals and track them. The app also features an award system that grants badges when you achieve a goal. In addition, Fitbit Force can be integrated with other apps such as Map My Fitness, My Fitness Pal and Run Keeper. Fitbit Force is ideal for anyone who wants a comprehensive solution to track their activities throughout the day and to monitor the quality of their sleep.


The Apex Fitness Group is a nutritional supplement company created by 24 Hour Fitness, a major chain of fitness centers. The BodyBugg is a product of this company and it offers a great selection of features. It is a very convenient option that can be strapped anywhere on your body. The BodyBugg can calculate the calories burned, making it a good choice for people that exercise regularly and anyone who wants to get fitter. You can get a display that allows you to see the information in real-time. The BodyBugg is a device that can help you to keep track on the calories consumed and burned. To see the information, you can get the optional display or check your mobile devices (Android or iOS) or you computer.

The BodyBugg system can be connected wirelessly to any device supported using the relevant app. When you buy the BodyBugg, you get a free six-month subscription to the website where you can enter a nutrition and fitness program that allows you to get a meal plan for optimal fitness. In addition, the BodyBugg system gives you the possibility of getting a private session with a BodyBugg coach. They will help you to set up a fitness program that suits you and to get the most out of your device. You can also get additional sessions with a fitness coach if you want. The website also allows you to upload all your data and you can calculate how many calories you have burned with great precision. This allows you to monitor your goals easily.

The BodyBugg is the best activity tracker for those who need a advanced solution to track their progress. Thanks to its high level of precision and features like online programs, personal coach and calories monitoring system, it is ideal for people who are trying to lose weight and for anyone who needs to trace their fitness professionally. The BodyBugg is trusted by many sports people and by users who are seriously into fitness. It is available for an affordable price and it offers impressive performance.


Fitbit and BodyBugg are the best activity trackers that you can get and they offer all the necessary features to ensure that you can monitor your fitness effectively. The Fitbit Force is a versatile solution that even allows you to check your sleep patterns for optimal health. The BodyBugg focuses on fitness and it is perfect for people who want to lose weight and to improve their exercise routine. Both devices offer online services that allow you to keep track of your data. Fitbit’s online service is available for free, while the BodyBugg is only free for the first six months, although it offers a great range of programs that will help you to lose weight and stay fit. The choice depends on what you want to achieve and what design you prefer.

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