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How to fix iPhone 5S Blue Screen of Death and Rebooting Problem

Although new models have been launched by Apple in recent years, the iPhone 5S is still widely used thanks to its convenient design and solid performance. Many people have decided to stick to the iPhone 5S and while in general, the device works very well, there are still issues that iPhone 5S users may face at some point. One of the most common problems that you may experience if you own an iPhone 5S is the blue screen of death, which causes the device to behave as if it is dead.

When an iPhone is affected by the blue screen issue, there are two main things that can happen. First of all, the screen turns blue because the phone crashes, which stops you from using the phone because you won’t see anything on the display. The phone may also keep rebooting, which means that you won’t have control over the device. Although the blue screen issue can be quite annoying, it is possible to fix it. In fact, there are different methods to tackle this problem and you can easily get it resolved. Here we will go through the options you can consider to get rid of the frustrating blue screen on your iPhone 5S.

Fixing the iPhone 5S screen of death and rebooting issue

Below you will find a list of the ways in which you can solve the blue screen problem. These are simple solutions that are effective in most cases.

Update your iOS

A simple way to get the blue screen of death issue resolved is to update your operating system. By making sure that your device is running the latest version of iOS, you can get rid of the constant rebooting or blue screen. You can go to the Settings menu and select General. Then scroll down until you see the software update. Once you tap on it, you will have the option to download and install the most recent version of the iOS. If your iPhone 5S is running an old version of iOS, you are more likely to experience issues like the blue screen of death and other issues.

Update your apps

It is likely that the issue is caused by certain apps. By updating them, you can get the issue resolved. Simply go to the App Store and make sure that you update the apps that you want to continue using.

Delete the app that is causing the issue

If even after updating the apps you are still experiencing issues, the best option is to delete the apps that are causing issues. Just make sure that you delete all the apps that are causing problems. Once they are removed the blue screen of death will be fixed. Just press the App icon on the home screen and tap the x that appears there.

Disable the iCloud sync for the iWork Apps

Pages, Numbers and Keynote are iWork apps that are designed to offer good performance with a 32-bit processor. If you use them on the iPhone 5S, you are likely to experience issues including the blue screen one. You can fix the problems by preventing iCloud from synchronizing with the iWork Apps. You can do this by going to the iPhone settings, then select iCloud. Look for documents and data and tap on this option. You will see the iWork Apps. Now you can disable them to stop them from synchronizing.

Reset the device

You may not want to use this as the first choice, but this method may help if everything else has failed to get the issue fixed. You can reset your iPhone 5S to restore its factory settings. The phone’s configuration will go back to their original state. You can reset the iPhone by going to Settings, followed by “General”. After tapping on the reset option, you will see an option to erase all content and settings. You will be asked to erase iPhone and once you confirm that this is the action you want to complete, the phone will be reset. Make sure that you back up the data on the device to iCloud before performing the reset so that you don’t lose it.

How to prevent the iPhone 5s blue screen of death

The best approach is prevention so you can take the below tips into consideration in order to avoid the blue screen of death in the future.

  1. The blue screen is likely to appear when you press the home button while trying to leave the documents page. The best option is to press the back button instead of the home button to exit the document.
  2. Since the iPhone 5s uses a 64-bit processor, 32-bit apps can cause issues like the blue screen. Make sure that you only use 64-bit apps.

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