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How to fix iPhone volume down button not working

Many iPhone users have experienced issues with the volume button on their iPhone 4S and above. While it is possible to turn up the volume using the button, the issue that many people come across with is that they can’t turn the volume down. Here we will tell you two simple ways to fix this problem.

Option 1

Press and rotate volume down button

You can hold the “Volume down” button and rotate it around in a circular motion. This will put some pressure and solve the issue with the button. You should be able to use it again to turn the volume down.

Option 2

Turn Assistive touch on and off

Go to Settings, then General, select Accessibility and then turn Assistive touch on.
Next, press the volume button down. Switch off Assistive touch once again.

Alternative solutions

Apple users have suggested other options, but it is important to exercise caution when trying these.

You can gently hit the upright corner of the device three times or apply a bit of pressure. Bending or twisting the top right corner of the phone backwards may also help. Again, be careful if you decide to try these fixes.

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