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How to fix Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud Not Working

More than often than not, the most common question that we would often receive from Jabra earbud users is, why does my Jabra Elite 65t left earbud does not work? Well, there are numerous reasons and causes as to why this error or issue is occurring and If you are one of those who are experiencing this issue, you came to the right place as through this article, we shall provide you some information on how to deal with this kind of issue.

Every headphone owner and user at some time would and could experience and face some issues such as not being able to hear any sound from the left earbud. One of the reasons of this issue is that you have correctly set the settings of the earbuds correctly. Yes, there are times that when you just have first opened and received your earbuds, the settings is set and is customized to mono settings which makes your earbuds produce sound on one side only.

Why is My Jabra Elite 65T Left Earbud Not Working

There are a lot of reasons as mentioned earlier as to why your left earbud is not working, but, do not worry as there are a lot of ways to solve this.

Jabra Elite 65T Troubleshooting steps:

First of all, you must ensure that you have the charging case of your earbuds with you. Through the charging case, you will find two magnets on the case of your earbuds and once you have taken off your earbuds and the rubber cover from the case, you will be able to check if the magnets are placed perfectly or not. Once the magnets are placed correctly, you could now charge your left earbud and once it is charged, try and check if it now works perfectly.

Other Solutions

· Disconnect the earbuds from the devices which you have paired them to.

· Click on the option of multifunction button. Tap on the button of the earbuds until it turns the green light on. This will reset your earbuds.

· Attach the earbuds to other devices which you use more frequently.


Low charging of the left earbud

Another reason as to why your left earbud is not working is due to its low battery charging. Hence, as mentioned above, follow the steps provided earlier as to how to charge correctly your earbuds.

You have to restart the left earbud

Just like other devices, whenever you experience some issues, the best way to solve them is by restarting the device itself and the Jabra Elite 65t is not an exception. Try to press the button of the earbuds which will restart your earbuds. Ensure that you check if both sizes are perfectly working once you are done restarting your headphones.

Check if the magnets are placed properly

As mentioned earlier, you will have to ensure that the magnets of your charging case are placed properly for it to be able to work properly as well.

Clean the earbuds after using them

For your earbuds to have a longer lifespan, it is important that you maintain them and one way to do this is by cleaning them carefully every after use.


How to Turn On the One Earbud of Jabra Elite 65T?

Takeout the earbuds from its charging case and turn on the option of multifunction button once it is green it is then turned on.

Does the left earbud work with mono option?

Unfortunately, not, the left earbud will not work with the settings set to mono option.

How to check the battery life of Jabra Elite 65T?

To check the battery life of Jabra Elite 65T, you will have to tap on the lid of the earbuds and remove the charging case. You could also check if the LED light would show color light.

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