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How to Fix Le Pan Tablet’s Power/Turn On Issue?

When you say tablets, Apple – iPads would naturally come into mind. However, when you also say Apple, it is common knowledge that these devices come with a price. With this, competitors have tried to create their own versions of tablets with the use of an Android operating system and sell them at a cheaper price.

One tablet that has been trying to penetrate the market is the Le Pan Tablet. This tablet is created by Matsunichi Digital, a company that Le Pan is part of. Matsunichi Digital is actually based in Taiwan but has ventured and is slowly breaching the international market with its high quality products.

Le Pan though is sold at a reasonable and cheaper price, comes with several issues that has been reported but hey, which device does not have any issues right?

The common issue or problem that Le Pan users usually experience is the random NOT turning on of the device. Yes, we know this could be a major issue in terms of productivity and reliability and we could just imagine you are in a meeting and you would need to present something using your tablet and it does not turn on- major embarrassment and frustration are only a few of the things we could imagine that you would feel. Though this is the case, fret not as we are here to come to the rescue.

Here are a few tips which you could do to avoid experiencing the random not turning on of your Le Pan tablet:

1. Charge your tablet by plugging it into a wall power plug.

We are all guilty of being lazy of plugging our devices to a wall power plug and what we usually do is just connect our devices and tablets through a USB cord to a computer to charge our devices. Though this way could charge your tablet somehow, it does not generally really fully charge your tablet like what you are oppositely made to think. Hence, we highly recommend that you charge your tablet by plugging it to a wall power plug. This way, you are assured that your tablet has been really fully charged.

2. Reset the tablet by pushing the reset button and the power button

Now that you are sure your tablet is really fully charged, unplug the tablet from the power plug then press and hold the reset button simultaneously with the power button as well. Hold the reset and power button for ten seconds.

3. Reset the tablet through the use of a paperclip while holding down the power button

Like step two, make sure you have unplugged your tablet from the wall power plug. Once done, get a paperclip and use it to press and hold the reset button at the same time hold the power button. Hold both the reset and power button for about ten seconds.

4. Check the power button

This last step is the least recommended as it will void your warranty. So, before you do this step, call the manufacturer and ask them to repair your tablet. However, if you do not have any warranty anymore, what’s there to lose right?

The first thing you will need to do is open up the tablet and check if the power button is still connected to the motherboard. If it is disconnected, you could fix this simply by using a solder on the broken wire and piece it back together.


Though Le Pan tablets could come with an issue on its power on button or not being able to turn it on, this should not deter you in continuing to use your tablet. All you have to do is follow the four tips mentioned in this article and you are still good to go. We hope we were able to help and address your concerns and frustrations you may have or had encountered with Le Pan Tablets.

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