Fixes When Civilization 6 Crashes

Playing Civilization 6 is a great, amazing and an enjoyable pastime. However, if the game keeps crashing, it could be frustrating. There are several reasons as to why this could be happening. Do not worry as there are several ways as to how to solve the mentioned issue. 

Before we provide you a list of methods of how to solve the issue of Civilization 6 crashing all the time, ensure that you have restarted your computer and ensure also that your device is up to date with its updates and patches. 

Fixes When Civilization 6 Crashes

Verify Integrity of Game Files

This is one of the simplest solutions especially if you are playing the game through the use of Steam. All you have to do is to ensure that the game matches the file on the server and that the file is not corrupted. 

How to Verify Integrity of Game Files

  • Open Steam 
  • Select Library
  • Right click on the game
  • Select Properties
  • Select Local Files tab
  • Click Verify Integrity of Game Files

Play Game with No Mods

When you are playing mods, this could affect your game. Hence, it is suggested for you to play the game without any mods. Check if the problem would still persist. Mods, as mentioned earlier is one of the most common reason as to why Civilization 6 crashes even though there are some instances when it works for other users. 

Check DirectX Version

When playing Civilization 6, you must know its requirements and one of its requirements is DirectX 11 or higher. This way your game would run properly and smoothly. 

For you to ensure that you have the correct version, enter in dxdiag on your Windows search bar and run it. Take note that DiretX12 is the newest version right now. 

Update Graphics Card Driver

Update your video card Graphics Drivers and the best way to do this is by checking your manufacture’s website. Download the latest and newest version. For example, if you have NVIDIA, then go to the driver downloads and enter your card details. 

If you are not sure what type of card you have, you could go to the search bar and enter Device Manager and select it. Then, under Display Adapter, you would find a list of videos cards installed on your device

Lower Video Resolution and Refresh Rate

When you lower your video resolution and refresh rate, it would help your video card from crashing or overloading. The amount of adjustment to a lower resolution would depend and could be done through trial and error. 

To change the resolution and refresh settings, all you have to do is to right-click on an empty area of your computer. Select Display settings and select video resolution. Then, Advanced Display Setting have option to lower the refresh rate. 

Use Windowed Mode Instead of Full Screen

Another way to reduce the strain on your video card is by running in a windowed mode. Keep in mind that windowed mode for some is not as good as full screen. Though that is the case, it could help you solve the issue of your Civ 6 work and stop crashing. 

Uninstall and Reinstall

If nothing works, the last way for you to fix the issue is by uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it back again. By doing this, your user data will be deleted. As soon as you uninstall the game, ensure that you delete the folder in your Windows. The reason behind this is because it usually has the files which would only reload when you re-install. 


Playing a game that usually crash is really annoying and frustrating, Hence, if this happens to you, you would definitely want to solve the problem. We hope that through this article, we were able to provide you useful information which you could use in fixing and solving the problem of Civilization 6 that keeps on crashing.

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