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Honor is one of the most popular games which is loved by most gamers. If you are one of them, then, you came to the right place. In this article, we shall discuss and elaborate about characters in tier lists for Honor’s Dominion, Duel and Brawl game modes.

Each and every character comes with their own uniqueness and their own toolkit wherein if gamers want to get the most out of their gameplay, you will have to experiment and master your favorite character.

Choosing the best hero for a specific scenario is a difficult task especially when you are not too familiar with the game’s current meta. Do not worry as through this article, we shall provide you a tier list which would give you information on the best and worst heroes.


HeroFactionHero TypeDescription
ConquerorKnightHeavy– One of the hardest heroes to go against in game.
– Attack have decent damage
– Shield Bashing
– A good opener in fights
– Spectacular zoning abilities which could lock down areas
WarmongerKnightVanguard– Corruption ability
– Useful for isolated units
– No real counter
– Zoning abilities
– Often seen in competitive matches
KyoshinSamuraiHybrid– Fast light attacks
– Could be combined with unblockables
– Great recovery
– Excels in ganking
– A little bit difficult to manage when it comes to fighting multiple enemies.
Jiang JunWu LinHeavy– Plenty of utility options
– Huge stamina damage
– Great on the defensive side


HeroFactionHero TypeDescription
Black PriorKnightHeavy– Could hold locations
– Great mobility across the map
– One of the best unblockable attacks
– Has the ability to take down shields
– Offense-centric powerhouse
– A little bit difficult to use and master
BerserkerVikingAssassin– Top-tier hero
– Light attacks are instant
– One of the most agile fighters
– Perfect for dating and taking potshots at an enemy
NuxiaWu LinAssassin– Great support
-Best in terms of traps
-Bolsters lane’s defense
– Could setup good initiations for your team
– Great to be used in a lot of fights
KenseiSamuraiVanguard– Number one option against ambushes from enemy squads
– One of the best heroes for team fights
– Versatile
– Easy to use
– An all rounder
ShaolinWu LinHybrid– Needs to be built as a support unit
– It has the ability to heal and teleport
– This one is meant to be protected
– It cannot excel in fights
RaiderVikingVanguard– One of the best options in a 4 x 4 team fights
– Could be accessible by beginners
– Simple
– Effective playstyle
– Perfect for those who are just learning to play the game
– Has value in initiating and breaking off fights
– Has decent zoning capabilities for defensive play
NobushiSamuraiHybrid– Fits well in ambush squad
– Great damage output
– Could inflict bleed damage
– Has good zoning and crowd- clearing abilities


HeroFactionHero TypeDescription
WardenKnightVanguard– Excellent shield bash
– Strong when it gains momentum
– Limited range
– Predictable
– Use only if you could rely on your teammates to setup quick ambushes
– Use only if you are confident enough to fight in close quarters.
GryphonKnightHybrid– Attacks animations
– Quick and unpredictable
HitokiriSamuraiHeavy– Comes with spamming tactics
– Powerful and unblockable
– Effective 1v1 situation
– Could be used when you are going after a straggler who got away
– Great option
ZhanhuWu LinHybrid– Agile fighter
– Has great spammable light attacks
– An unpredictable dodge counter
– Great to use for mixing your attacks
ShamanVikingAssassin– Reliant on your team in terms of coordination
– Anti-ambush, anti-chain and chasing abilities
– A bit slow speed


HeroFactionHero TypeDescription
HighlanderVikingHybrid– Spammable light attacks
– Great offensive moves
– Great defense
– Has the ability to dodge and reset fights
WarlordVikingHeavy– Well-equipped in dealing with ambushes
– Maximum survivability
OrochiSamuraiAssassin– Unblockable chains at its arsenal
– Begins with storm rush
– Does not stand out but has every tool you would need
ValkyrieVikingHybrid– Balanced hero
– Could be used for offensive and defensive scenarios
– Good for initiating or resetting fights
– Difficult to react to
– Lacks damage output
– Does not make difference unless you have a decent team
ShugokiSamuraiHeavy– Great to set up an ambush
– Could effectively cripple an opponent
– Well-balanced in offense and defense
GladiatorKnightAssassin– Solid pick especially when solo-queueing
– Unblockable attacks
– Effective at pressuring opponents
– Great to be used in 1 vs 1 situation
LawbringerKnightHybrid– A solid hero
– Good damage and mix-ups
– Great choice for mid-lane offensive hero
ShinobiSamuraiAssassin– Could be used on ranged attacks


HeroFactionHero TypeDescription
TiandiWu LinVanguard– Gets extra lives and shields which adds to survivability
– Has good dodge animations
– Great choice for those who would want to play safe
CenturionKnightHybrid– Comes with solid moves
– Not punishable by opposing forces
JormungandrVikingHeavy– Good survivability
– Good combination of health, shield and damage reduction buffs
– Offensive powers are decent


HeroFactionHero TypeDescription
PeacekeeperKnightAssassin– Considered as a glorified minion
– It is not a unique hero
– Could contribute to team damage
– Poor defensive option
AramushaSamuraiHybrid– Strong attacks
– Does not have any move which could create openings for attacks
– Slow and clunky

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