4 iOS Apps for a Better Mobile WordPress

WordPress is the most used blogging platform on the Internet, but it is really much more than just a blogging app. Nowadays, a huge number of sites is actually built on this CMS (Content Management System), as it is very much customizable, reliable, functional and easy to work with.

However, it was obviously developed to be used on a computer, not on mobile platforms like the ones we (widely) have right now. Despite this, there are some apps that will, without a doubt, make working with WordPress much easier on iOS. Let’s meet four of them.

Official WordPress App

This one is obvious: a huge service like WordPress should have its own mobile app. The catch, however, is that it is developed by a very well-know company, at least for people already using this CMS – the app is developed by Automattic, the developers of several really popular WordPress plugins like Jetpack or Akismet, and even popular services and apps like Simplenote, Woocomerce or Gravatar.

The app works great and has the expected functionalities, like posting on the go, stats for WordPress sites and blogs, push notifications or Jetpack integration.

Day One

While it is not exactly a WordPress-related app, Day One can prove to be very useful for bloggers. This is a journal app, like many others, but what makes it stand apart is the features it provides, along with its beautifully designed looks and visuals. With this app, one can record thoughts, daily experiences and other things and, then, decide if they are worthy of a blog post.

Some of Day One features are its distraction-free interface, Markdown text formatting, photographic entries, categories and tags, calendar, timeline, and map views, sync and backup, as well as many others. Day One costs $4.99 in the App Store.


Sometimes bloggers just want to write a blog post in the simplest and most distraction-free possible, but do not have access to their computers or to a piece of paper. This is exactly where an app like ByWord can jump in and justify the $5.99 it costs.

Using a simple, elegant and beautiful interface, as well as easy to read typefaces, ByWord is an amazing tool for writers going for simplicity when writing their pieces. It works both online and offline, with the ability to connect and post directly to WordPress.


Preparation is a quintessential of blogging (or any kind of writing, for that matter). Some people, however, prefer to use visuals instead of doing written lists or to-dos, as this makes them retain and understand information way better than the traditional ways.

If you want to develop a strategy for your WordPress blog and are one of these people, then Graphio is an amazing app to choose, with features like shape recognition of hand-drawn shapes, drag and drop library of shapes, inserting and pasting images, audio recordings, and many others. Graphio costs $8.99, but also has a Lite (free) version.

These four tools are, in my opinion, very important for people wanting to use WordPress from their smartphones or tablets, as they are representative of the multitude of tools, especially for those looking to start a blog.

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