Comment réparer le code de refus Fortnite 20

Fortnite is a popular game which gamers love and enjoy. However, there comes a time when you would experienced and encounter some error like the Fortnite Denial Code 20 error. If you do encounter this error, do not worry as this is a common issue that most gamers experience and through this article we shall provide you ways on how to solve this issue and error.

By following the methods that we will provide in this article, for sure, you will be able to solve this error yourself. However, if the problem would still persist, you might then need to contact the customer support who would definitely help you troubleshoot this error but before we go to that option, let us try first the methods provided below.

Reasons Behind Fortnite Denial Code 20 Error

There are different reasons at to why Code 20 error occurs whenever you are playing Fortnite but the most common and main reason as to why you encounter this issue is because you have an internet connection problem or you could have something wrong with your account. Here are some other possible reasons:

  • VPN turned on
  • Player has not been added as a friend
  • Party set to private

There are also other codes that could occur which is similar to the denial code 20 error and they are the following

  • Error code 91 fortnite
  • Error code 20 fortnite
  • Fortnite error code 20
  • Denial reason code 20 fortnite

Troubleshooting Fortnite Denial Code 20

Disable VPN

If you have played Fortnite without VPN and then suddenly launch it with VPN, then, there is a possibility for you to experience denial code 20 error. The reason behind this is because your VPN could change your IP address which is in conflict with your older IP address. Hence, to solve this issue, all you have to do is to disable your VPN, restart your computer and relaunch your game.

Setting Party to Public

Another reason as mentioned above as to why you could encounter denial error code 20 is that your setting party is set privately. Hence, to solve this issue, try to set the party to public.

Adding Player as a Friend

If you are joining a party on fortnite and you see this error, then, you will have to add the player that you have invited as your friend or if you are being invited by someone to join a party, then you will have to ask the person who invited you to add you as a friend.

Restarting Game and PC

Errors could sometimes occur as a result from having bugs and glitches and one way to solve this is just by restarting your PC which would restart your software.

Submitting Claims

If you have tried all the methods provided above and still nothing worked, then we suggest you try this one.

  • Sign into Fortnite account
  • Go to My Account
  • Select Claims
  • Select Resubmit a Claim
  • In the description section, write the issue that you are experiencing
  • Reason for denial section, type the error code 20
  • If you wish you could take a screenshot and attach it to your claim
  • Select submit button


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information which you could use as a guide on how to fix Fortnite Denial Code 20 error.

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