How To Be Safe and Keep Your Privacy on Social Media?

Social media has become immensely popular amongst users of different age groups, professions, countries, etc. Over the years, several such platforms have been launched, out of which Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many others are the most popular. To improve your reach on social media, you can go for professional services like the Simplygram growth service that will help you grow your network organically without putting your personal information at risk.

However, this growing popularity comes with certain glitches. Cybercrime has increased by 600% post-Covid, which is an alarming figure. There are countless cases of data breaches, phishing, social engineering attacks, crypto-jacking, ransomware, malware, exploitation of network security vulnerabilities, and more. Hence, to make you more aware, this article sheds light on some of the tricks to keep your Insta account safe from hackers and breaches. 

Use the privacy settings like a professional 

You need to understand and follow the privacy terms of different social media platforms to keep your account safe. For example, when you are using Facebook, there is a feature called “Friends of Friends”. It will allow only the friends of your social media friends to send you a friend request. Similarly, if you want to hide your Insta Story from others, you can use their Hide Option or Close Friend List to increase privacy. 

Do not disclose much information about yourself

An important point to understand here is not disclosing too much information on social media forums. People need to draw a line and filter the information before putting it on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. There is an optional field called the Bio or Summary. Many users provide detailed personal information, which should be avoided. Disclosing info like your DOB, location, residence, job location, and others will increase your account’s vulnerability.

Moreover, it’s not mandatory to fill up this block. So, if you can, avoid giving a bio as much as possible. 

Don’t accept friend requests from an unknown person 

All the social media platforms have launched a feature where you will get a friend or follow requests that need to be accepted for adding that user to your known person list. For example, if you are on Instagram, you will often find a pop-up saying that User XYZ has requested to follow you. This user will be able to follow you only when you accept the request. The same is with Facebook, Snapchat, and more. So, you should make sure that the users you are accepting are genuine and have no suspicious activity history. 

Do not fall for the Click baits

Social media platforms have become an excellent network for business promotions. Most promotions and advertisements are genuine, however there are certain scammers too. Once you click on such ads after reading the post, you will be directed to a third-party website or application. If anything happens concerning your account’s safety or privacy, Insta won’t take the responsibility. Hence, you should avoid falling for these baits, no matter how lucrative the offers are.

Turn off the location

When setting the privacy feature of your account, you must first acquaint yourself with the features of the site. Secondly, you must also turn off the location settings. 

Keep a strong password

While the above-mentioned pointers are certainly going to help you keep your account safe on the World Wide Web, the most basic thing that you should not ignore is to have a strong password. Always have a password which is a mix of alphabets, numbers, special characters. The stronger the password, the difficult it would be for the hackers to breach your account. You can also change the passwords every month or three months. 

Final thoughts 

With increasing use of the digital platform, it is the need of the hour to be more vigilant about the information we share on these platforms. You can upgrade your account’s privacy and protect your data and profile from breaches by following the above tips. 

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