iPhone 5SE won’t come with 3D Touch, photos show

The iPhone 5se has been something of a mythical gadget, but photos are now pouring in to verify that the latest rumor about a new, 4-inch iPhone are legitimate. Apple tech site MacRumors is back to show the latest iPhone 5se photos that feature only the internal components (including the LCD display). What isn’t shown in the photos (or, rather, what doesn’t exist) is 3D Touch. There is no pressure-sensitive sensor for the iPhone 5se, leading many to believe that there won’t be any 3D Touch for the new device.

3D Touch, if you recall, is Apple’s newest feature in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus that allows you to access quick settings shortcuts when you press on an app icon. Apple doesn’t intend to bring this to the iPhone 5se, meaning that those who prefer a 4-inch iPhone will have to tolerate that the new iPhone 5se (named after the iPhone 5; how odd!) won’t have the latest feature from Cupertino. The device will still feature Touch ID because Apple wants to have increased Apple Pay adoption, but it will not feature the new “gimmick” for Apple.

The iPhone 5se will come with upgraded internals that are close to that of the iPhone 6s, such as Apple’s A processor, screen resolution, and perhaps a 12MP rear camera. At the same time, however, we presume there won’t be any optical image stabilization (which is a staple of the iPhone 6s Plus), seeing that Apple charges $800 for the 16GB Plus model that has the feature, there won’t be a dual-LED flash on the back of the device (since that’s part of the premium experience, too), that there may not be any 4K video recording (at 120fps), and there won’t be a 32GB model of the lower-priced device (Apple will provide only 16GB and 64GB iPhone 5se models, we’re told). It’s said that Apple will sell the iPhone 5se for just $400-$500, but keep in mind that the same thing was said about the iPhone 5c two years ago (the device was priced at $549 for the 16GB model, however).

We know you’re excited to see a 4-inch iPhone arrive back on the scene, and Apple wants its customers to upgrade, but without 3D Touch and OIS, among other things, we’re not so sure that customers interested in the device will see it as an upgrade of their 4-inch iPhone 5s, for example. After all, you should only upgrade if the internals and features are taking a step forward, not backward — and you shouldn’t upgrade if you’ll lose key features.

Apple will announce the iPhone 5se on March 15th, but, until then, take a look at the photos below. You can go here to check out all our current news on the iPhone 5se.

iPhone 5se versus iPhone 6s panel iPhone 5se connector



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