iPhone 7 Plus photos show dual-lens camera setup

We’ve reported here at Aptgadget that the regular iPhone 7 would not feature the dual-lens camera that has been rumored for the iPhone 7 Plus, but this is no surprise because Apple often finds a way to distinguish its two smartphones and make consumers pay more money for the additional technology that makes its way into the “Plus” model. A good example of this is the iPhone 6 Plus, where Apple added Full HD resolution (1080p) and 2,915mAh battery as opposed to the 750p and 1,800mAh battery in the regular iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 Plus also sported a 5.5-inch display as opposed to the 4.7-inch display of the regular iPhone 6. Apple charged $749 for the iPhone 6 Plus as opposed to the $649 price tag for the regular iPhone 6.

Other news said that Apple would bring optical image stabilization (OIS) to not only the iPhone 7 Plus but also the regular iPhone 7 that’s to be announced this September, and that this would reduce the distinctions between the regular and Plus models. Well, we’ve gotten our hands on new photos that show that the regular iPhone 7 will get OIS and that the iPhone 7 Plus will get the dual-lens camera technology that has been rumored for the next-generation iPhone.

The iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 photos come to us courtesy of French site Nowhereelse, and they show that the iPhone 7 Plus will feature a camera setup on the back cover that is nearly identical to that present on the LG G5. The LG G5 has a dual-lens camera setup, and you can see both the iPhone 7 Plus and LG G5 below to verify it in your own mind.

iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 7 Plus, or the rumored third iPhone, 7 Pro, will get the dual-lens camera setup.
lg g5 back flat
LG G5 dual camera setup

As for the regular iPhone 7, it will have a larger lens than before, but it only has one camera slot, not two like the iPhone 7 Plus back cover — indicating that Apple will make some changes with the iPhone 7 lens, though it won’t get the dual-lens treatment of the iPhone 7 Plus. The larger lens leads us to conclude that Apple will indeed bring OIS to the regular iPhone 7, which the larger camera slot would explain best.

iPhone 7 larger camera slot

So, for now, we know what Apple’s camera setups will be on both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The camera technology has been the one major showcase feature of these two next-generation iPhones. With that in place, it seems as though consumers can now make up their minds (with iOS 10, of course) about what to expect come September.


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