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Recently, I was making some general research about new web apps and how they would streamline and facilitate the life of professionals and business owners, when I stumbled upon Meet Edgar. To tell the truth, I wasn’t looking for “another” social media management and automation software, as there are so many already available on the market since many years, but Edgars easy going and nonchalant mood and manner intrigued me to make some digging to get acquainted with this little inky creature. And as a long time user of apps like Hootsuite et Buffer, I was really amazed by the ease of use and productivity of this cute octopus.

According to wyselytics.com, the half-life of a tweet is 24 minutes and for a Facebook post not more than 90. That means, if you are just posting things manually, chances are that no one will see them.

So, to keep your social media outlets active and to reach the maximum number of users, you have to send some of your content time and again. If you have social media experience, you probably know how overwhelming it can be to manage multiple accounts.

Large corporates with great budgets can surely outsource their social media management, but if you have to manage it yourself, or manage the social media for someone else, it’ll get really tricky and social media start stealing your life away.

Meet Edgar Overview

Meet Edgar enables you to automatically send schedule posts to a number of social media outlets, including Twitter, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Company, Facebook Profile and Facebook Groups or Pages. Its Library, Category and Queue system, give you great control over how and when your posts are sent and ensures that your social media stream never dries out.

The concept of what the application does is simple. You create a library of tested and quality posts and tweets and set up a scheduling plan and let Meet Edgar do the rest. What makes Meet Edgar shine and stand out in this way is that it facilitates this very concept by making it simple to create content libraries.

Content libraries

Creating a content library with Meet Edgar is quite simple. The software has a Chrome web browser extension that enables you to add easily any piece you find on the web to your library. There is also a bookmark that you can add to your bookmark toolbar to add a link to your content library with just a click.Meet Edgar's Content Library


Meet Edgar also enables you to create categories and structure your saved content and this is actually its great advantage over tools like Hootsuite. Every category is a queue in Meet Edgar and as you add your content to it, they will be filled and wait for their turn to get posted. Now you can schedule posts of different nature (based on your previously defined categories) to be posted at different times of the day to meet people’s expectations.Meet Edgar's Categories

The Continuous Loop

Another advantage of Meet Edgar over Hootsuite is that sent tweets or posts won’t be deleted automatically, but will be moved to the end of the queue and will wait for their turn to get posted again. This functionality will save your social media from running out of fuel, when you are too busy to create new content. Another advantage of this functionality is that you can keep the more interesting and engaging pieces of content and delete the rest. Over time, you’ll have a refined library of quality content that gets posted automatically on schedule.


The Calendar and scheduling functionality is also very intuitive and straightforward to use. The user interface is clean and visually appealing and is actually a clickable calendar that can be easily learnt by anyone.Meet Edgar Scheduler


Currently, it is not possible to respond to people’s tweets or replies from within the application, but hopefully this functionality will be added in time. You can’t also connect your Google+ page to Meet Edgar and the team does not intend to add this functionality in the near future.

Other Features

Meet Edgar also offers a colorful toolkit of other features, including the ability to fill the content library from XML feeds, an extension and bookmark for Google Chrome to easily add URL’s of web pages to your content library and a neat and nice analysis functionality.

Some not so minor points about the company’s philosophy and support team

Having had a few communications with Team Edgar’s Support Team, I must say that they had a professional but friendly service that managed to solve my issues with a natural casualness. In addition, one should not forget that Meet Edgar has decided to refrain from any affiliate programs, which ensures honest reviews on the Internet and a real drive to continuously heed customer feedback and strive for a better product.


So, if you are not a big company with the necessary means to outsource your social media management to an agency or buy Instagram followers, and intend to benefit (or are you out of your mind?) from a better social media presence (as you should), I definitely recommend Meet Edgar to you. Its growth over the last few years, the ever growing circle of diehard fans and its personal approach towards its community are real indicators of a great future ahead.

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