Obtenez une couche de métal dans Pokemon Go

Metal Coat in Pokemon Go is considered as something rare. The reason behind this is because it is an evolution item which helps you evolve specific Pokemon. When your Pokemon evolves, it becomes stronger and more powerful. This is why metal coats are usually sought after by a lot of trainers. If you are wondering how you could get a metal coat in Pokemon Go, you came to the right place. In this article, you will get useful information and learn how to get metal coat in Pokemon Go.

Understanding the Metal Coat Evolution Item

Metal Coat in Pokemon Go, as mentioned earlier is one of the most sought items in the game. The reason behind this is because it works as an evolution item for some specific Pokemon. This means, when you give it to a Pokemon, your pokemon would evolve into a stronger form. This is why the Metal Coat it a very valuable asset in the game especially for trainers.

Specific Pokemon that Evolve with Metal Coat

Here are specific Pokemon which could evolve when Metal Coat is applied to.

PokémonEvolved Form

Keep in mind that the only way for the mentioned specific Pokemon to evolve is through the use of a Metal Coat. Do not worry as the item would not be consumed even when it is used. This means, to put it simply, you would be able to use the same Metal Coat to use on other Pokemon.

How to Get Metal Coat in Pokemon Go

Spinning PokeStops for a Chance at Metal Coat

There are different ways to get a Metal Coat in Pokemon Go and one way is by spinning PokeStops. Keep in mind that this is a rare drop which means, you would have to be very patient.

  • Spin as many PokeStops as you could. The more you spin, the higher your chances are.
  • Spin PokeStops in different locations.
  • Use a lure module or incense to attract Pokemon to PokeStops
  • Time your spins. It has been observed that there are certain times of the day when your chances are higher in getting a Metal Coat.

Though getting a Metal Coat could be low chance, it is still worth spinning many PokeStops. This way, you could increase your chances.

Participating in Research Breakthroughs

Research Breakthroughs sometimes offer special rewards which trainers could earn through series of research tasks. There could be a chance that you could get a rare item like a Metal Coat. For you to be able to participate in Research Breakthroughs, you would need to collect stamps when you complete a research task a day. Collect up to seven stamps and you would get a reward. Hopefully, it would be a metal coat.

Increasing the Odds of Receiving a Metal Coat from Research Breakthroughs

  • Complete many research tasks and earn as many stamps as you could.
  • Save your stamps until a month. This could provide you a higher chance of getting a metal coat.
  • Ensure that your complete research tasks from different categories. This would also increase your chances of getting a metal coat.
  • Join community events. You could get special research tasks and rewards.

Battling and Defeating Team Rocket Leaders

Another way to get a Metal Coat is through defeating team Rocket leaders. So, toughen up and challenge to battle them. You could find the Rocker leaders at PokeStops. Defeat them and you could get a chance of getting a Metal Coat.

Strategies for Defeating Team Rocket Leaders

  • Research the type of Pokemon which Team Rocket Leader uses. This would provide you better chance of defeating them.
  • Ensure that your team is healed and powered up for a battle.
  • Save your charged attacks when the Team Rocket Leader’s Pokemon’s health is low.
  • Use shields. This way your Pokemon is protected from powerful attacks.

Trading for a Metal Coat

If you are having a difficult time to get a Metal Coat, you could trade with other trainers. Though this is allowed in the game, this could be a challenge as it would be difficult to find a trainer who would trade one or someone who would have an extra Metal Coat.

For you to be able to trade, you would need to be near the trainer. Add the trainer as a friend and ensure that the trainer is at least at level 10. Both you and the other trainer must have stardust as well. When you trade for a Metal Coat, you must communicate with the other trainer and ensure both of you agree to terms of what you are offering and what you would be receiving. Negotiate with each other and be flexible.

Traded Pokemon, however, could no longer be traded again. This is why you have to make sure you are willing to trade your Pokemon.

Participate in Special Events and Field Research

This is the best way for you to get a Metal Coat in Pokemon Go. Participate in special events and compete in field research tasks. These events often reward players with rare items. For all you know, you could get lucky and get a Metal Coat.

Check out for upcoming events and join them. The more events you join, the higher the chances of you getting a Metal Coat.

Example of a Field Research Tasks

Earn 3 candies by walking with your buddy PokemonMetal Coat
Catch 10 Steel-type Pokemon5 Silver Pinap Berries

Using a Metal Coat to Evolve Pokemon

As soon as you get a Metal Coat, use it to evolve your Pokemon. You could use it on either Scyther and Onix. Once you evolve your Pokemon, your Scyther would evolve into Scizor and Onix would evolve into Steelix. After evolving your Pokemon, their stats would increase and they could get potential new moves.

Keep in mind that using a Metal Coat does not guarantee a successful evolution which means if evolution fails, the item would be wasted. To avoid this from happening, it is recommended for you to use the Metal Coat on high IV Pokemon. You could also use additional items such as a Fast TM or charged TM.


What is the drop rate of Metal Coat in Pokemon Go?

The drop rate of Metal Coat is about 5%.

Are there alternative ways to obtain a Metal Coat in Pokemon Go?

Yes there are alternative ways to get a metal coat such as defeating Team Rocket Leaders, trading with other players and participating in special events.

Which Pokemon can evolve with a Metal Coat in Pokemon Go?

You could evolve Pokemon such as Onix and Scyther by using Metal Coat.

Can a Metal Coat be used more than once in Pokemon Go?

No, metal coat could only be used in Pokemon Go.

Are there any future uses for Metal Coat in Pokemon Go?

As for now, there are no announced future uses for Metal Coat in Pokemon Go.

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