Best Quilting Apps for Android and iOS

Quilting may seem like an old-fashioned activity, but the truth is that it has become a popular hobby and many people have even turned it into a profitable business. Patchwork sewing has gained followers as it offers the chance to let your personality shine through your creations. It is more than a practical way to reuse materials and save money, it also allows you to be creative. The fact that there are apps focused on quilting shows that this technique is not something from the past, but that it is still captivating people all over the world. If you are interested in quilting, you probably want to find apps that allow you to learn more or to get help while you are quilting. Here are the best quilting apps for Android and iOS.

Quilting Tutorials by MSQC (Missouri Star Quilt Company)

If you are into quilting, chances are that you have heard about Jenny Doan and you have probably watched her videos. You could say that Jenny is a celebrity in the world of quilting and her tutorials are watched by millions of people. What has made her so popular, apart from her impressive skills, is the fact that she can make patch sewing look not only easy, but also fun. She focuses on smaller scale projects like blankets and shows you how to achieve unique results. With this app, you will be able to follow Jenny’s guide and create a beautiful blanket in just one day.

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Quilt Now

Quilt Now is another app ideal for quilting and patchworking fans. This fantastic magazine by Practical Publishing International Ltd offers a variety of projects and techniques from quilting and patchwork experts from around the world. Every issue brings you a lot of inspiration through large and small scale projects. You will find out amazing ideas to create cushions, bags, accessories and more. With Quilt Now, you will be able to create an amazing collection of options to decorate your home and to create unique gifts. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced quilter, or if you are just a beginner. The app is free to download, but you can get a subscription to get access to the current issue of the magazine or to previous ones.

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Quilting Calculators

This handy app created by Handmade interactive will make things easier for quilters. It offers 8 quilting calculators that will help you with your work. There is a Fabric Measurement Converter, a Backing and Batting Calculator, a Piece Count Calculator, Border Calculator, Square-in-a-Square Calculator, Binding Calculator, Pieces to Yardage Area Calculator and Set-in and Corner Triangle Calculator. These convenient tools allow you to calculate precisely and without hassle how many rectangular pieces can be cut from a large piece. You can also find out how much fabric is required for batting, backing, square-in-a-square, set-in and corner triangles, batting and borders.

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This is an interesting app that is perfect for those who are just getting started with quilting and who want to find ideas for new projects. In Craftsy, you will find an amazing list of online master classes, not only focused on quilting or sewing, but on drawing, cooking, photography and more. While some classes are available for free, there are some that require purchase. Some of them can be expensive, but there are many options to choose from in the free category, as well as some very affordable ones that are worth checking. The classes are easy to follow and they cover a vast selection of categories. Apart from offering online classes, Craftsy features an impressive collection of project ideas, as well as kits and supplies.

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Crafty Amino for Crafting and DYI

This app works like a social network where you can find other people interested in quilting and other handcrafts. After creating your profile, you can start chatting with other users and discover an amazing global community of quilters. You will be able to share your own designed and creations and discover what people in other places have created. It is also possible to share your knowledge and skills through tutorials and tips. There is a News Feed section where you can find new projects and see what other users are creating. Amino is a great way to get inspiration and to show your quilting talents to others.

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Here is another helpful tool that allows iPhone users to calculate how much fabric they need when they are quilting. QuiltFab by Mary Kay Poledcki stands out thanks to its intuitive and uncomplicated interface. It allows you to work out how much fabric is needed in an easy manner. You just need to fill in the size of the quilt and its parts and the app will take care of calculating the amount of fabric that is required for the backing, border, binding and sashing. The latest design is saved in the app so you can easily check it whenever you open the app again.


Quilt Studio

This free app for iOS allows you to see what your quilt design will look like, before you even start sewing it. Quilt Studio offers an easy way to design quilts and blocks on your iPad with a vast selection of fabrics. You can use the app to design pieced patchwork quilts with your own custom blocks or you can select from one the blocks that the app offers. You can order your fabrics online from within the app. It also allows you to change block settings, borders, sashing and binding. The app can create block diagrams, fabric estimates and templates for you automatically. The app is available for free, but it also supports paid options such as the possibility of emailing quilt information PDF file to print or share.


Quilt Design

This easy to use app allows Android users to design paper pieced quilt blocks in a fast and easy way. It allows you to save design patterns to printable PDFs and you can share images of your designs with others via social media. Quilt Design is a fairly basic app, but it can help you to get inspiration for your quilts and see how the design will look like, before you sew it.

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