Samsung outsells Apple in smartphones for Q4 2015

The competition between Apple and Samsung is never-ending, and these two companies are on the radar of tech enthusiasts everywhere who want to stay on top of tech news.

While Apple is known for its profit, which gives Apple the majority of profit in the industry (over 90%), the fruit company does not rule as well over smartphone sales. The latest Q4 2015 report from research firm Strategy Analytics shows that the Korean giant pulls ahead of Cupertino when it comes to sales.

For the quarter ending in January, Samsung sold 81.3 million smartphones, as compared to Apple’s 74.8 million smartphones. Samsung sold 6.5 million more smartphones than Apple did in the last three months.

Now, the source below says that the comparison isn’t relevant because Samsung sells phones in all price points, as opposed to Apple, who sells smartphones solely in the high-end range, but there are some other things to consider, too. First, the number of low-end smartphones and high-end smartphones were not supplied, so one can’t just assume that Samsung has been selling low-end or even mid-range smartphones successfully. Samsung may be selling mostly high-ends, which would put the company on equal footing with Apple and indicate that Apple’s high sales haven’t been as successful as the hype.

Next, profit is irrelevant when it comes to popularity. Sales are related to popularity, and, with Samsung’s and Apple’s smartphones being of equal price, profit is related more to exorbitant retail prices than anything else.

Last but not least, Apple sells a number of smartphones on the market. While the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are the company’s latest, the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, and 5c, among others, are still on the market. The iPhone 5s is 2 years old, the iPhone 5c is the same age, and Apple is currently supporting 4-year-old iPhones such as the iPhone 4s. So, with all this device support, you’d expect consumers to buy iPhones…and yet, that’s not what we see happening.

Even without smartphone support, Samsung is still selling more smartphones at lower price points. If the iPhone 5s is now $450, for example, with device support, and Samsung is selling a newer model at the same point with little to no expectation of smartphone support, why is it that more consumers are buying Samsung?

What we can learn from the results is that Apple sells its iPhone well, but that Samsung is still the more popular manufacturer worldwide because it is willing to offer more choices at different price points. It could be the case, too, that the bigger display iPhone craze that arrived with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has run its course — and Apple no longer has any more “carrots,” or proverbial “apples,” rather, to keep up its sales momentum.

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