Shopping Pro App Review: Your Personal Shopping Assistant


When shopping at a mall, grocery market, or supermarket, it is very easy to forget to buy some items. To solve this problem, expert mobile application developers from QuinnScape – visit official site here – have come up with a smart iTunes application, Shopping Pro that will help you remember all the things that you should purchase. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. Currently, this application is only available in English.


ShoppingPro-on-iPhone[1]Very similar to Packing Pro, Shopping Pro offers a great list making app with a load of features allowing you to fully customize the app to your needs. It already has a huge database of common items, and allows you to create any that you may need for your personal shopping lists. However, unlike the Packing aid application, shopping lists are fundamentally different as they have attached costs to consider.

The service is very complete as far as making your own lists and entering all the prices manually, but I would have loved to see a barcode scanner integrated to be used with my iPhone or iPad camera. This would allow for much faster item entries, as well as having multiple entries for the same item, but at different prices from different stores.

Regardless, I still enjoyed using Shopping Pro more than I expected, but only after the tedious task of editing and entering my desired data for most of my popular shopping list items.

Sample Lists & Catalog: It comes with 8 sample lists that you can use to create a personalized shopping list. In addition, it has an inbuilt master catalog with over 1500 items that you probably intend to purchase.

iCloud Auto-sync: By downloading and installing this application on your mobile device, you will be able to automatically synchronize all your shopping lists and catalogs between all compatible devices in seconds through the internet.

Memory Aids: To make it even more convenient, you can attach photos to some of the items to help you remember to purchase them. More importantly, you can schedule alerts to remind you to buy them.

Sharing Options: You can share your shopping list and catalog content with friends via email or using the advanced iTunes File Sharing feature on your device.

Customizable Design: The developers worked smart to come up with a number of themes that you can use to personalize your shopping lists. For instance, you can change the fonts, layout, display, texture, and the color of your list in seconds.



  • No limit on the number of shopping lists that you can create
  • You can customize the shopping list to suit your personal taste and preference
  • Ability to store the list on multiple devices to give you unlimited access
  • Master Catalog that you can use to create lists without necessarily typing the item’s names manually
  • Attach photos to some of the items for easier identification
  • Alert system that will remind you to purchase items that you are more likely to forget
  • Can be used anywhere in the world
  • Share lists with friends via email or iTunes File Sharing

Les inconvénients

  • Not compatible with Android devices
  • Only available in one language, English
  • No Barcode scanning capability


Shopping Pro is an advanced iTunes application that you can use to create shopping lists using your mobile device. The interface is clearly demarcated and easy to navigate as compared to other similar apps in the market. The app is full of functionality and you can literally spend hours editing your lists. It can be a very demanding task to edit prices and details of each item, and we hope to see barcode scanning in a future update, but at the moment, once you have already updated your most consistent items, this becomes a time saving service you won’t go shopping without.

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