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Recently we’ve had a couple of friends ask us if there was any way to restore or backup the information on their smartphones. One friend was switching from iOS to Android and wanted to know if there was any way to transfer that information, another was trying to recover deleted pictures from her iPhone, while yet another just wanted to back up their iPhone. Given how common it is now-a-days to switch device or operating systems we’ve decided to showcase a product we’ve used in the past when transferring data between two devices, SynciOS.

Design and Features

SynciOS is a very robust program but has its features broken up into three standalone apps. One is simply SynciOS which is a substitute for iTunes. The second is the data transfer utility; ie: the program you’d use to transfer stuff between two devices, like two phones or your phone and your pc. The other is the iOS recovery utility which you can use to recover things you’ve deleted; this is the one you’re looking for if you’re looking to recover some lost pictures or text messages. We’ll describe the two more advanced programs separately below to help you decide which of the two you need.

SynciOS Pro

SynciOS is a truly remarkable product which can essentially replace iTunes for all your data syncing needs. I say essentially because iTunes still needs to be installed on your computer, though you won’t need to run the program. This advanced client let’s you transfer music, videos, and photos; download (for free) hundreds of ringtones, wallpapers, and applications; and even features built in audio and video converters. Another really cool feature is the ability to download videos from sites like YouTube and save them to your iDevice for later viewing! They claim to be able to download and save video from over 100 sites all while bypassing iTunes naturally.

SynciOS Data Transfer

While SynciOS Pro serves as an iTunes substitute the Data Transfer application is capable of far more than that. The program allows you to backup and restore all of your information like messages, notes, call logs, bookmarks, and applications.

Where it really sets itself apart though is in the device to device transfers. If you’ve ever had to switch from iOS to Android or vice versa you’d know that this was a once dreaded process. With the help of SynciOS the whole process is simple and headache free; it even features a 1-click total transfer option! You can see a list of minimum requirements and supported devices here.

SynciOS Recovery

SynciOS Recovery is a similarly powerful tool but is suited to different needs. This is the product you want if you need to recover some important lost photos, texts, or documents; or if you’ve cracked your screen; or dropped your phone in water or something to that effect. The program is so powerful it can even recover information after you’ve done a factory reset of your device! Note that your device will still need to be able to turn on to work, this product is good but it’s not a miracle.

SynciOS offers three ways to recover your information by either accessing your iCloud Backup, an iTunes backup, or by actually tapping your phone (as long as it’s still semi functional). You may be wondering how it’s possible to recover something you’ve deleted from your phone, this is because of how storage works. When you delete something it’s not actually removed from your storage right away, rather it’s made invisible within the os. This information will stay saved but hidden until the device needs that storage for something else and overwrites that information. Knowing this, a golden rule of recovery is to stop saving new information once you realized you’ve accidently deleted something. The less new stuff you save the less likely it is the OS will overwrite whatever you want to recover.

SynciOS recovery even has a really nifty feature that allows you to see a preview of the information on your device so you can decide exactly what needs to be restored or not.


As I said each of these programs is a standalone app and as such must be bought separately. SynciOS is free to download but requires you to register an account unless you buy the 19.99 pro version. With that said, other than being pestered with an upsell from time to time the free version is just as good as the pro version.

Still can’t decide which of the three you need? Good News! You can get the Data Transfer program + Sync iOS Pro for as low as $29.90. Another special can see you snag the Recovery tool and SynciOS Pro for just $49.90


This is a great product for anyone who’s had an unfortunate mishap with a phone, wants to keep a back up for security, or is just plain fed up with iTunes. SynciOS’ various products ensure you’ll be fully prepared to take on any unforeseen accident you may experience and will allow you to move on as seamlessly as possible.


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4 commentaires

  1. SynciOS Data Transfer: be VERY careful with this and do multiple backups from different vendors if I were you. I paid for this app so I expect a certain level of quality. I lost ALLOT of very personal data, some apps didn’t even copy, I lost ALL my app data. Apps like CityMapper that has had months and months of data being entered into it, gone. My WhatsApp history which I rely heavily on to stay in contact with family, 95% gone and/or all jumbled up. Some WhatsApp groups were lost, I have so many I cannot identify just how bad the damage is. I also lost a number of my contacts but again no idea just how many. I have accumulated many years of contacts.

    The worst thing, my entire photo collection had the dates wiped. I lost all temporal metadata from the birth of my child. Very precious, personal information which as a parent you hold onto. All dates and location info, gone 🙁 …everything is now the same date. Makes me really sad I won’t have this to share with my daughter when she gets older.

    I wouldn’t rely on the stability of this application until it has gone through more testing. For most people, the mobile is a very personal extention of themselves so you should think very hard about just who you are placing your trust in when allowing them to restore your world. At least with iOS, when you backed up with iTunes, I knew absolutely that I was getting a really tight backup and the integrity would be maintained.

    Just to clarify, I wasn’t doing anything unusual… a simple backup of the s6 prior to phone being replaced. I don’t run anything strange or taxing that alters the phone setup in anyway. My phone is default with loads of photos, default email app, default msg app, and WhatsApp. I got the exact same model back, loaded backup and then got the bad news. Fragmentation throughout my data 🙁

  2. I have an older phone, and an older laptop. I needed to transfer photos, videos and music from my old phone. So far, this software has been great! I transferred most of my photos and videos and all my music last night easily and quickly after installing the software.

    I have yet to transfer my contacts from the phone, so I cannot comment on that.

  3. Syncios master is a very fast file transfer program. I used the free evaluation program to transfer photos and videos from PC to iPad. It did with super fast speed. The negative side of the program is that these transferred photos can not be edited or deleted in iPad photo. I have to go back to Syncios master to delete the pictures or videos which I do not want. Worse yet, the memory space on iPad used by these photos seems lost forever. It appears that iPad does not recognize that these photos were deleted and memory should be freed. I have no idea this is a Syncios or Apple issue. Nevertheless, this is the users issue for sure. I reported this issue to Syncios support with no answer received.

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