Free Instagram Followers Apps for Android and iOS

Instragram is a hub for aspiring and professional photographers who want to share their talent with the world. It is also loved by people who like to document every moment of their day, or capture all the fun of their holidays on photos that can be admired by all their followers. With Instagram you can share photos and short videos with friends and family to let them see what you are up to, but if really love photography and want to get exposure for your work, or if you run a business and want to promote it, you probably want to get many followers. If you want to get more visibility for the images that you post on your Instagram account, you need to get the attention from the community of users.

Regardless of the reason why you want to grow your following on Instagram, you can rely on some practical apps that can help you to find people who are very likely to follow you. You just need to download a few of these apps and use them along Instagram. These apps focus on helping you to get more followers, but they offer different functionality. The majority of apps are designed to keep track of your followers and to find out who unfollowed you. Some of these apps are designed to help you to discover people who share your interest or who have friends in common. These options will enable you to find new followers so you can combine all of them to get get more people interested in your photos.

Crowdfire – Go Big Online

Crowdfire lets you manage and increase your followers not only on Instagram, but also on Twitter. It is the ideal tool for brands that want to build a strong reputation and gain a lot of followers on social media. It is a smart and convenient marketing solution that will allow you to connect with people that are interested in your content and that will follow your Instagram account. It offers great features that will make things easy for small businesses, artists, sellers, self-employed people and anyone who wants to increase their number of followers on Instragram. It helps you to post at the right time to keep your followers engaged and it gives you access to simple reports to see how your account is doing.

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Follower Insight for Instagram

Follower Insight covers different aspects and brings you useful information about your Instagram followers. If you want to know who blocked or unfollowed you, who is keeping an eye on your Instagram regularly and who may be a spammer, this solution by SkyFireApps will let you discover all the answers. It is easy to use and supports practical functionality. You will be able to manage different accounts and get access to information that you were not even aware of. You will know who follows your account loyally and who stopped following you.

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My Followers for Instagram

My Followers for Instagram is a convenient solution that allows you to manage your Instagram audience effectively. It is suitable for businesses who want to make their brand stand out, or for anyone who wants to understand better what their followers want to see. This will help you to keep them engage and to get new followers easily. The app has a user-friendly interface and provides a good set of tools that will help you to enhance the visibility of your Instagram account.

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InstaFollow for Instagram

InstaFollow by INNOVATTY is an ideal companion to Instagram as it gives you a free and easy way to track your followers. It supports a great selection of features that will help you to manage your followers effectively. You will be able to see who followed you and who unfollowed you. The app also displays a list of the followers that are more engaged with your posts, and those who almost never view your posts. You can also find mutual friends and people who share your interests and who are likely to follow you back. InstaFollow is available for Android.


Followers+ for Instagram

Thanks to Followers + for Instagram, iOS and Android users will be able to keep track of your followers with great detail. The app shows you new followers, people who unfollowed you, your fans and other information. It offers similar functionality as other apps in the list, but its statistics and option to schedule posts set it apart from other similar options. It is great for brands who want to access account analytics, keep track of follower growth or loss and keep track of the performance of their posts. You can also see how engaged your followers are and connect with them to ensure that they keep up to date with your content.

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Followers For Instagram

Followers For Instagram by NoApostroph3s is an app widely used by iOS users who want to manage their followers in a more effective way. The app is perfect for small businesses as it offers analytics and insights that allow you to understand you followers and develop marketing strategies on Instagram that will help you to get visibility for your brand. You can see who are your most loyal followers and who has unfollowed you. The app also lets you keep track of your new followers and you can get a clear overview of followers that you don’t follow, or see people who you follow but who don’t follow you


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