Free Interactive Whiteboard Apps for iPad

The iPad is an amazing tool for entertainment, but it also has become very valuable for education and businesses. iPads are ideal for presentations, for working on projects on the go, or accessing great productivity and learning apps. Their lightweight and portable design come handy in many scenarios and combined with a whiteboard app, they can help you to present ideas in a simple, yet powerful way. Whiteboard apps allow you to use tour iPad to explain concepts, draw, highlight important points and much more. If you need to share ideas with others and don’t have a whiteboard or markerboard available, you can rely on your iPad and any of the apps listed below.


Padlet gives you a platform to unleash your creativity and collaborate in digital projects. It is like having a blank canvas where you can bring your ideas to life. It is possible to write, upload documents, drag in a video, take a selfie and more to create a unique padlet. The app also allows you to add custom themes and wallpapers. It is a versatile option that can be used for many purposes. Whether you want to work with work colleagues on a project, or create a personal list, Padlet is a convenient solution for all your needs.

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

This whiteboard and screencasting solution is easy to use and offers great functionality and many possibilities. You can take notes, create tutorials, write down explanations and create engaging content for educational purposes. It is a fantastic tool for teachers and it gives them the possibility of sharing the content with students to make the learning process more effective and fun. The app lets you manage who can access the content and students can also access the lessons on the Educreations website.

Whiteboard Lite: Collaborative Drawing

With this app by GreenGar Studios, you can have fun with friends and family as you share your imagination and collaborate on art projects. Two users can create drawings together, using a wide range of stickers. It is possible to add up to 3 photos to your canvas and customize them as you want. You can paint, create graffiti and more. It offers full-screen drawing, brush preview and other options that will allow you and your friend to work together to create a work of art that combines your styles.

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

Visual aids are ideal for helping other to learn and ShowMe gives you the possibility of creating voice-over whiteboard tutorials that can help others to learn and to remember information. It is very easy to use and you can add images, make drawings, or erase as needed. You can record brief and simple tutorials or full lenght and detailed instructions. ShowMe also lets you share contnet live so it is ideal for virtual classrooms.

Whiteboard – Nothing more Nothing less

Created by Chen Lidong, this whiteboard app is a simple and practical whiteboard that is lightweight and that will be handy in many situations. You can take notes, use it for presentations, make calculations, draw and anything else. It is ideal for work, school, children activities and more. It features a mosaic for pictures, which lets you set a picture as background image so that you can draw on it. There are also templates available and the app is very easy to use. You can use your finger to write and to delete, simply touch the screen twice.


SyncWhiteboard gives you the possibility of collaborating with others on a project at the same time. Multiple users will be able to draw simultaneously so that your team and you can share ideas and shape your work together, even if you are in different locations. It supports a variety of formats including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more. It is a practical solution that lets you use your mobile devices to share your ideas with others in real-time.

Numberkiz: Math Interactive Whiteboard

This whiteboard app focuses on offering a simple solution to learn Math. It is ideal for helping students to resolve Math problems and teachers can share lessons online. It is also a great option for Math tutors who need to help someone on the internet. The app supports many different Math concepts including Numeration, Algebra, Fractions, Addition and more.

iBrainstormer – Simplemind inkflow visual outline

Need to take notes but don’t have paper and pen handy? Don’t worry, iBrainstormer is the solution. Created by iVinny, this app is a flexible and handy tool that allows you to take notes on the go. You can add pictures and print your notes. iBrainstormer is simple, but very convenient and it offers support for Dropbox, PDF, email and more.

Whiteboard for kids: free drawing and coloring board for toddlers

Children love to draw and the new generations love technology, so why not combine the two? This app is designed to let kids show their creativity and get familiar with colors. There are many digital ink colors available that look very real. This whiteboard is very easy to use and it offers support for Twitter and Facebook so you can share your child’s or your own creations on social media

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