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Top Free Music Cloud Storage Services

If you have a vast music collection and your hard drive is running out of space to store it, you should consider cloud music storage services. There are many great options available and we will present some of the best ones. These services offer a practical solution to save your favorite songs, ensuring that they are secure and easily accessible. Since the options in this list are free, they offer limited space. However, they would be a good option to have additional room for your music with no extra cost.

Google Play

Google Play supports a flexible free cloud storage solution that allows you to upload up to 50,000 songs from your computer to their servers. It is even possible to transfer music from sources like iTunes. The integrated Music manager has a simple interface that allows you to save your tracks, playlists and ratings effectively. You can listen to your music on Google Play, which can be downloaded for free to Android, iOS devices or accessed via its web version.

Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon offers a good variety of solutions in different areas so it is not a surprise that they also support a cloud storage service. The most useful features are only available for Premium users so compared to other options, Amazon Cloud Player’s free version is quite basic. Still, you get limited free storage for your music, particularly for Amazon Music services. Prime Music would give you access to curated playlists and stations tailored to your musical preferences. You can sign up for an account within minutes or log in with your Amazon account details.


iOS users can rely on iCloud to store music securely and to make sure that it can be accessed from any of your devices. Although it only supports tracks bought from iTunes and is limited to Apple devices and some of the latest Windows devices, iCloud can be considered as another good free solution. Your music is automatically synced meaning that once you buy new music, it will instantly show on your device. iCloud is not specifically designed as a music storage service, Apple has an option called iTunes Match, which lets you store music from any source in the Apple cloud. It also integrates ad-free iTunes Radio. However, it is not free and you will need to pay a monthly subscription.

My MusicCloud

My MusicCloud is a practical and simple service that will work really well for many user. You can import music files from Dropbox, iTunes and more, with just one click. However, the main focus of My MusicCloud is streaming and there is some support for offline listening. My MusicCloud is a smart solution that can learn to identify your preferences and will make suggestions based on the music that you play, just like Spotify and other apps of the same type. While the free version offers free storage and supports up to 5 devices, you can only sync and play a maximum of 250 tracks and ads are featured.

Synology Audio Station

Synology’s service has become the favorite solution for many music fans thanks to its flexibility and convenience. It provides a free service that supports unlimited micromanagement of your music. However, it is important to keep in mind that in order to access the storage service and its features, you would need to have a Synology server device. If you do, you can enjoy one of the best customization options available. There is a selection of Audio station and DiskStation Manager programs to install. You will have the possibility of downloading music from multiple platforms.

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