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Frigidaire Affinity Front Load Washing Machine Review

Front load washers are a popular addition to any laundry room.  The Frigidaire Affinity FAFW3921NW Front Load Washer is an impressive looking, classic white washing machine that is loaded with features designed to tackle the tough laundry generated by the modern world.  With a drum capacity of 3.7 cu feet, this washer can handle whatever you throw in it.


Built to last, the Frigidaire Affinity sports a stainless steel drum with a variable spin speed, up to 1200 rpm (max).  For those environmentally conscious, its water consumption per year is 1105.2 gallons.  It is ENERGY STAR qualified with a max power consumption of 1100.

Its dimension make it a versatile fit in just about any laundry room setting.  Its width is 27 inches, with a height of 36 inches and a depth of 30.3 inches.  It features chrome knobs and control lock safety features.  The feet are adjustable for a level stance and it is equipped with the SilentDesign sound package.

What We Really Like

The special programs and features on this washer are nothing short of amazing.  It can rinse+spin, sanitize, perform cycles ranging from heavy duty to hand wash.  There is automatic temperature control and an automatic water level.  Wash cycles can be customized to include adjustable soil levels, advanced rinse technology, and automatic bleach and fabric softener dispensers.  These are just a few of the array of options available on this Frigidaire Affinity.

Don’t have time to do the laundry right now, but don’t want it to sit for hours?  Express-Select controls are included as part of the timer features.  A start timer delay can be used to start the load on your schedule, and a time remaining indicator lets you keep up with just how much longer your wash has to go before completion.  And there’s always the glass door, an easy way to fascinate the kids should the TV go out.

The Verdict

The Frigidaire Affinity Front Load Washer is manufactured by Electrolux, and carries an MSRP of $899.  As high-tech front load washers go, that’s a decent price for a feature-packed machine with a drum capacity big enough to handle the loads generated by an average family.  Its extra features, from the antibacterial door seal to the vibration control system, make it a solid investment in home appliances.  So whether you need heavy duty, heavily soiled clothes cleaned or just a few pieces of delicate lingerie hand washed, the Frigidaire Affinity is there to serve.


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