Best gadgets to relieve stress

Hectic schedules, strict deadlines, relationship or financial issues, you name it. Stress can be caused by many different things, but regardless of the reason, it is very important that we take the necessary steps to control it. There are many ways to cope with stress, including meditation or taking some time off. We can also rely on practical devices that are specifically designed to help us to relief stress, no matter where we are. If you can’t leave the office but need to relax a bit, these convenient gadgets are an ideal choice. They let you clear your mind and release tension in an effective manner.

Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy

The Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy features a magnetic base containing 160 stainless steel spheres of a variety of sizes. It is an innovative gadget that will re-energize your brain. The gadget is designed to help you to think in a clearer way and to boost your mind so that you can face your workload efficiently. You can come up with many different combinations. The magnetic base doesn’t let the balls fall off, meaning that there are endless shapes and designs possible.

Scalp Massager

Simple, but very efficient when it comes to dealing with stress, the scalp massager is another gadget that deserves a place in the list. If you are having a stressful, busy day, you can give your brain a rest and relax with the help of this massager. It doesn’t only work for your scalp, it can also be used on your elbow or knee. Thanks to the flexible, thin rods, the massager is gentle on your skin. It is an affordable solution to get a quick massage to relax your body and mind.

Jeliku Toy

Apart from helping you to relax, the Jeliku Toy brings you a lot of fun. This puzzle is another desk toy that is worth considering for anyone who wants to leave stress behind. It is possible to unfold and turn the sections to create endless artistic designs and shapes. If your work requires you to be creative, the Jeliku Toy is ideal because it gives your brain a boost and it also helps to calm your nerves to get the ideas flowing.

Stress Relieving Cube

The Stress Relieving Cube helps you to calm your mind thanks to a selection of features designed to reduce tension. It can become your best companion at work so it is worth keeping it at your desk. Its compact size and practical design make it a great solution to relieve stress. It can give you back the energy that you need to focus on your tasks. The Stress Relieving Cube is also very effective for those who quit smoking and a are struggling with withdrawal symptoms.

Newton’s Cradle

This a popular gadget that is based on Newton’s laws. There are small metal spheres attached at the end of each string, as the cradle demonstrates the conversion of energy and momentum. Once you lift and release one sphere, it is possible to watch the others moving with it for a long time. This gadget is another effective solution to reduce anxiety so that you can focus on work in a more efficient, clear manner.

Wooden Fingerboard

Even if you can’t go out to ride on a skateboard because you are at work, with this gadget, you will have the chance to relieve stress and relax your mind. You just need to place your fingers on this miniature skateboard and use it on your desk. The Wooden Fingerboard is available in a variety of colors. You can assemble the wheels and add stickers, which will also allow you to forget about your worries for a while.

Illusions Desktop Punching Bag

Sometimes we can get so frustrated, that we just feel like punching a wall. Obviously, this is not a good idea as it can result in injuries, but thanks to this desktop punching bag, you can reduce your anxiety easily and safely. The punching bag includes a pump so that you can keep the inflation. You just need to set the gadget on your desk and punch it when you feel stressed, or just bored. Thanks to its solid built, it can resist many punches. It is also lightweight and compact so you can easily move it around or keep it in your desk without taking a lot of space. It comes with a suction cup that allows you to place it on a dry surface and keep it on place.

Moldable Stress Balls

The traditional stress balls have been revamped and they now have cute smiley faces and unique hair styles. They are available in different colors, but they still focus on the main purpose of helping you to relieve stress. It is possible to mold the balls into any shape so that you can leave aside the pressures of work for a while, and feel more relaxed.

Stress Relief Squeezing Soft Rubber Vent

This is another simple and effective solution to relieve stress and it is also a popular one. You just need to squeeze the grape shaped rubber gadget and see how the small balls pop up. You can find it in a variety of colors and it is made to last, as well as affordable.

Tabletop Foosball Table

Even if there is not a lot of space in your office, you can still have a foosball table that will entertain you during your breaks. It is a small version of the classic game and it is another good solution to relax your mind and break the routine. The table comes with two soccer balls and it is ideal to add a bit of fun to your workplace.

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