Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge Plus 3,500mAh ZeroLemon Battery Cases announced

Samsung’s two latest devices, the Galaxy S6 edge Plus and the Galaxy Note 5, both come with sealed batteries, which means that the removable battery era of the Galaxy line has come to an end.
While some use the non-removable battery as a reason to ditch buying these smartphones, some individuals have taken on the challenge to see if a sealed battery can perform as good (if not better) as a non-removable battery. Battery case maker ZeroLemon is here to rescue those who still feel that an additional battery is necessary. The solution? ZeroLemon has released its own Galaxy S6 edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5 battery cases.

One nice factor about the ZeroLemon battery cases for the Galaxy S6 edge Plus and the Galaxy Note 5 is that the company has placed a 3,500mAh battery within each case. The 3,500mAh battery provides an entire full charge for each phone (which houses a 3,000mAh battery) plus a bit extra, meaning that the extra battery in the ZeroLemon case will provide the second battery you’ve missed in the Galaxy Note 5 experience.

ZeroLemon has the Galaxy S6 edge Plus 3,500mAh battery case and the Galaxy Note 5 3,500mAh battery case available for $69.99. To put this in perspective, battery case maker Mophie sells its Mophie Juice Battery cases for $100, so you’re still saving about $25-$30 and getting a bigger battery than Mophie uses in its battery cases with the ZeroLemon Galaxy S6 edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5 battery cases. Samsung placed a 3,500mAh battery in the Galaxy S6 Active, but the Active smartphone was designed solely for US carrier AT&T — meaning that most worldwide customers were left out of the loop. Thankfully, ZeroLemon is here to provide more juice for those who can’t get enough.


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