Galaxy Note 7 confirmed as the next Galaxy

Galaxy Note lovers, that time of year is almost upon us, when consumers gather ’round for what Korean giant Samsung Electronics will unveil next. And, there’s always something new, different, and mysterious about the company’s product unveilings. This year, there have been two main mysteries about the next “Galaxy”: 1) what is the number of the upcoming flagship (Galaxy Note 6 or Galaxy Note 7?) and 2) whether or not we’ll see just a flat variant, curved variant, or both? Samsung has settled the question of both, we believe, but for those who seem to think the odds are any different, renown leakster @evleaks is back to give them a good dose of reality.

Galaxy Note 7 moniker confirmed

On his social media page earlier today, the leakster published a photo of the moniker “Galaxy Note 7” (yes, the word “Note” and number “7” are tied to each other, as was the case for the “Galaxy Note 5”) with the word “confirmed” above it, signaling that the discussion or debate over the new phone moniker is officially over and done with. In other words, if you were hoping for a Galaxy Note 6, prepare to be disappointed (or, as we like to say, unpleasantly surprised).

With the “Galaxy Note 7” moniker, though, Samsung is doing what it can to unify consumer thoughts and confidence about its product, doing away with the numbering system that gave us the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge but would’ve also given us the Galaxy Note 6 if Samsung hadn’t stepped in and changed the number to “7.” Samsung didn’t want customers to presume that the Galaxy Note 6 was “older” than the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, so it changed the number to unify the two Galaxy lineups around the number “7.”

Some tech diehards across the Web seem offended at this, but I don’t see the big deal in a numbering system that changes it from “6” to “7.” On one hand, it seems odd that there wouldn’t be a Galaxy Note 6 before the Galaxy Note 7, but what really matters is the product, not the number. If Samsung had eliminated the idea of a Galaxy S2 and had gone with a Galaxy S3, I don’t think there’d be any negativity in doing so. I mean, if the device is as stellar as the Galaxy Note 6 would’ve been (and it’s stacking up that way), then I think consumers will bond with it just as much. Seven is a lucky number too, you know.

There is one thing that remains, though: since Samsung intends to go with the Galaxy Note 7 as the next logical number, could Samsung decide to drop the “edge” portion of the device and simply give it the Galaxy Note 7 moniker? I’ve said as much in another place, and I stand by that here. Now that Samsung has eliminated any hope for a flat Note variant, using the regular moniker (Galaxy Note 7) for the edge variant of the Note device seems likely and extremely plausible.

What do you think? Does it matter if Samsung has changed the number from “6,” the next number in the logical sequence, to “7”? What are your expectations for the upcoming Galaxy Note 7?


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