Galaxy Note 7 eye scanner confirmed after moniker

Evan Blass (a.k.a. @evleaks) has been on a roll today. Some hours after confirming the upcoming phablet would be the Galaxy Note 7, Blass confirmed the iris scanner for the device: he wrote “also confirmed: iris scanner” for his message, though Blass didn’t supply a single photo to show us what the device will look like come unveil time. The “also confirmed” here unifies Blass’s earlier message today about the Galaxy Note 7 being the moniker for the next Galaxy.

Galaxy Note 7 eye scanner evleaks confirmation


It goes without saying that Blass has his share of contacts in the field, but it also goes without saying that he’s either passing along what he’s heard or he’s actually seen the Galaxy Note 7 himself. We don’t know for sure, but I can bet on it he’s already seen the device in person to confirm it without a photo. Also, the fact that he’s not leaking any photos is also suspicious at this point, since, usually, there is a photo leak that accompanies such a claim for verification. We can believe that his Samsung contacts are trying to play by the rules here, but the lack of photos is indicative that Blass has seen it for himself.

Some have said that an eye scanner, or an iris scanner, will pose problems for consumers in its implementation and whether or not it works, but that’s beside the point (though we do hope it does work). Rather, what should be celebrated is its ability to scan your eyes and know who you are without you needing to even touch the display. If Samsung’s iris scanner or eye scanner is successful, it could become so popular that fingerprint scanners become nothing more than just an alternative of biometric security. I’d like to be able to gain access to my devices without having to touch the display or the phone to do so, and the new eye scanner in the Galaxy Note 7 will give me that capability.

The Galaxy Note 7 will be the first device on the consumer market worldwide to sport an eye scanner or iris scanner, and other rumors pertaining to the device suggest that Samsung will bring a dual-lens camera setup to the Note 7 (its first device to have the feature), considering that Samsung has been rumored to have some supply in the works for Android OEMs LeEco and Xiaomi. We can safely assume that Samsung wouldn’t supply dual-lens cameras for these OEMs unless the Korean giant also had something in the works for its own customer base. The Galaxy Note 7 has been rumored to feature IP68 water and dust resistance, alongside of its dual-edge curved design, and a USB Type-C charging port that will move consumers into the next generation of wired charging.


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