Galaxy Note7 back in US at Verizon and Sprint

The Galaxy Note7 has had its string of bad news as of late, with at least 70 reported explosions with the phone in the US. Samsung has said it is sorry over the event, has provided a public apology via YouTube, and has worked hard to replace the units containing faulty batteries that were due to battery cell issues from its own battery unit, Samsung SDI. Now, though, Samsung has brought replacement units to stores for current Note7 owners, but there’s a surprise for potential buyers: the Galaxy Note7, thought to have three weeks before its return, is now back in the US at Big Red (Verizon) and Sprint.

Now, according to what we’ve heard, 500,000 replacement units were sent to the US. When I frequented my local Verizon retail store last week, there were two FedEx trucks in the area at two different Verizon stores — meaning that Samsung wasn’t playing when it said it’d have them all in last Wednesday. Well, those replacement units aren’t just for current customers but for potential buyers as well, according to the source:

Right on the heels of the announcement that 500,000 brand new Galaxy Note 7s have arrived in the U.S. for customer exchanges, Verizon and Sprint have started offering up the new phones for sale. Verizon’s page places a larage [sic] notice on the product page indicating that these are new “safe” units, while Sprint simply picked up where it left off with no notice.

The new Galaxy Note7 units will also come with an update that brings the white battery icon to green at the top right of the main display, the Always On Display, and the Restart Menu — in case you’re wondering how to tell the new units apart from the old, faulty ones.

At any rate, I suggest that, if you’ve not picked up a Galaxy Note7 and want one, that you head on over to Verizon and Sprint and gets yours while they’re available. And, remember, those lines are getting longer by the day.


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