Galaxy S7 front camera modules and display leak, bearing the model number SM-G930

The Galaxy S6 had a model number of SM-G920, and the Galaxy Note 5 had a model number of SM-N920, but the next generation of the Galaxy is about to land on the consumer market, as new front camera modules and the display of what is coming have been leaked by tech site GSMArena. While the pictures show us components of the Galaxy S7, we don’t get to see anything else outside of the model number. The Galaxy S7 front camera modules seem to have the connector in the middle, as opposed to the side in the Galaxy S6. This could very well mean that Samsung is looking to move its front camera to the middle of the device instead of the side, which could give a better wide-angle selfie camera for consumers in the new device. Slight cosmetic changes often adorn newer devices.

Galaxy S7 front camera modules

The Galaxy S7 display also leaks, appearing as a typical Samsung display that matches what we’ve come to see in other Galaxy models. At this point, all the information leaking pertains to the original Galaxy S7, not the S7 Edge and Edge Plus (although info about these smartphones is leaking as well, though not in the same overwhelming nature). We aren’t given any details about the display, though we assume that the display will remain the same Quad HD display that we’ve seen in the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge Plus.


The Galaxy S7 is said to have an f/1.7 aperture, as opposed to the f/1.9 aperture of the Galaxy S6. What this means is that Samsung intends to launch a low-light campaign to improve the low-light performance of its mobile cameras. Samsung will do this by scaling back the megapixel count of its back camera from 16MP to 12MP. Perhaps the move of the front camera is Samsung’s way of extending its wide angle selfie performance, or it could be that Samsung wants to create more of a “close-up” photo to account for the change in megapixel count. We know that Samsung’s front camera should be at least 5MP (or a less-rumored 8MP), but we’re wondering whether or not Samsung will slightly shift the back camera. The leaking evidence pertains to front cameras in this case, though the back camera will leak at some point.

The Galaxy S7 front camera modules and display show nothing new, other than what we already know, but it highlights the beginning of the photo and tangible evidence leaks that will eventually lead to the full phone assembled in the news before the Galaxy S7 announcement date on February 27th at MWC 2016. As always, we’ll be back to report on the Galaxy S7 as more details surface. Stay tuned.


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